Gamer-hate: Ubisoft's new NFT project vid gets a 96% dislike ratio

Gamer-hate: Ubisoft's new NFT project vid gets a 96% dislike ratio
Photo by Christian Wiediger / Unsplash

By now, it's probably no longer news that Ubisoft has dived straight into the world of NFTs. First, the company launched its debut NFT project, Ubisoft Quartz, which was presented as an initiative for people to purchase rare digital items using cryptocurrency.

The company uploaded the official trailer for "Ubisoft Quartz" onto their YouTube channel within the last 24 hours at the time of writing, and it has generated quite an overwhelming amount of negative feedback. The video, which runs for 1:19 seconds, does not seem to do justice to the project massively heralded by a plethora of media activities.

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Many feelers have analyzed the video to represent Ubisoft's cluelessness and unclear direction. According to the video, Ubisoft Quartz itself does not have much control over anything, passing off most of that responsibility to the blockchain technology. For example, some of those who reacted believed Ubisoft lacks the power to reverse or cancel transactions or be liable for damages or any liability. However, it also clearly states that it is aware of the weaknesses and limitations of blockchain technology, making it susceptible to cyber security attacks. Essentially, Ubisoft absolves itself of all forms of potential liabilities posed by "the use of this new technology".

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The announcement seems to portray a lack of respect for the Ubisoft customer base from top to bottom. As a result, many fans have chosen the YouTube channel to air their grievances, from endorsing what their fans consider a scam technology to the blatant contempt on display.

Last month, YouTube made a public gesture by announcing the removal of the "dislike" button from its platform, underlining its intention to protect creators from harassment and to protect corporations and big wigs from the PR implications of having a roundly disliked video on their page. However, despite this announcement, the dislike button remains a visible feature on the platform and has been utilized by fans to register their displeasure with the NFT teaser.

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The video has 148,881 views, 24,000 dislikes, and a paltry 1,000 likes at the time of writing.

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