Gamestop Set to Announce Its NFT Marketplace Release Date

Gamestop Set to Announce Its NFT Marketplace Release Date
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Popular gaming giant, GameStop, has indicated an interest in venturing into the NFT sphere through its GameStop NFT marketplace, which would allow its users to browse and buy gaming NFTs which would then be traded on popular marketplace platforms. In addition, the growing popularity of non-fungible tokens has led many popular gaming companies to look for means towards integrating non-fungible tokens as key in-game items. This, in turn, has given rise to the concept of play-to-earn games, a kind of gaming that permits users to win and trade NFTs in-game.

So, when can users anticipate the release date for the GameStop NFT marketplace? Unfortunately, GameStop has yet to announce its NFT marketplace officially; however, the website is already live with lots of information.

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Information from their website includes an open invitation for individuals desirous of joining their NFT team, a sign that developments are very much underway. However, an invitation for applications for software development indicates that GameStop's NFT ambitions need more time before its completion. Earlier this year, a rumor had emerged that the release date for the NFT marketplace was set for July 14; however, it never came to fruition. Establishing an NFT marketplace that uses the Web3 features is typically a long-term endeavor.

Some of the other details highlighted on their website include details that GameStop intends to utilize in differentiating itself from other NFT marketplaces. For example, the webpage notes that GameStop's marketplace would give power to players, collectors, and creators, which would, in turn, permit them to take control and supervise the running of the marketplace functionalities. GameStop's teaser page also includes an Ethereum smart contract address, which indicates that the gaming giant's marketplace would run using Ethereum. This is not uncommon as most NFTs run on the Ethereum blockchain.

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