GameZone Brings a “Game Pass” TO Blockhain Games: Launches IDO September 30

GameZone Brings a “Game Pass” TO Blockhain Games: Launches IDO September 30
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Blockchain gaming has been making waves in the crypto and blockchain space, and anyone and everyone can make money from the game. According to a report on the Financial Express, crypto gaming has become the new way to make money. The report also highlighted that the global gaming market is expected to grow from $173.7 billion in 2020 to an estimated $314.4 billion by 2026, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.64% between 2021 and 2026.

There have been many blockchain games in recent times. However, only a few of them stood out from the crowd. One of such projects is GameZone. It is a revolutionary gaming project in the blockchain gaming sector that aims to disrupt and elevate the cross-chain interoperability of games.

According to a DappRadar BGA blockchain game report, the blockchain gaming sector has grown by 121% in terms of unique active wallets with more than 804,000 unique users. The success stories of these play-to-earn games are a hugely positive sign for all of the blockchain gaming industry. These play-to-earn games are gradually establishing themselves as one of the major foundations of the blockchain industry. For many blockchain developers, gaming is a great opportunity to reach a global audience. This is what GameZone is doing with its “Game Pass.”

What is GameZone and its Suite of Services?

GameZone is seeking to disrupt the blockchain industry by offering a new community-owning launchpad. All players who invest in games via this new launchpad will be part-owner of the game they support. Therefore, anyone can be the hero of their story, thus creating a deeper connection between game developers and players. Also, the launchpad democratizes access to in-game assets and tokens early. It is no longer the case when these assets are reserved for whales, venture capitalists, and some notable investors.

All projects leveraging GameZone for their launch will receive support from various solutions. It doesn’t matter if these projects are in their early stages or are already established. The GameZone level 2 will incubated projects to benefit from the various white-label solutions. These solutions might include a decentralized marketplace, NFT lending, onboarding modules, revenue sharing, etc. The team plans to build end-to-end solutions to expedite the growth and development of blockchain games.

GameZone also offers a grant program for new and upcoming blockchain games. Developers building a disruptive game with innovative experience can receive funding and also gain full access to BlueZilla’s massive network and resources. These resources include legal, marketing, advisory, and technical support for every stage of the development. Accessing the BlueZilla network is a huge boost for any blockchain game.

Other successful projects launched by the GameZone team include launchpads for Ethereum, Tron, Binance Smart Chain, Cardano, Vekas. They currently have their sight on blockchain gaming. Talking about the VelasPad, the token launch for the platform recently yielded a 150x return on investment for early investors. This is an indication that the team understands how to build an effective solution that can bring more attention to an ecosystem.

GameZone IDO Launch

You can access the GameZone token ($GZONE) through the upcoming initial DEX offering (IDO) starting on September 30, 2021. $GZONE is a BEP-20 compliance token built on the Binance Smart Chain. Depending on the user demand and utility of the token, it might be deployed on other blockchain protocols in the future. The tokens will be sold for $0.005, and the team is aiming to achieve an initial market cap of $155,000. The maximum supply is 1 billion, and 11% will be sold during the public sale. These $GZONE tokens provide access to a multi-tiered system that relies on staking.

Holders of the $GZONE token will qualify for the upcoming initial game offerings (IGOs) and initial NFT offerings (INOs) via the launchpad. The $GZONE is a deflationary token with a 7% fee on a sell order. 2% will be burned while the remaining 5% is rewarded to stakers. There is also an early unstaking fee of up to 25%, put in place to discourage token flipping. It means that people who stake the $GZONE tokens will earn from the sell and also be rewarded from those who unstake early.

For more information about the GameZone IDO launch, keep an eye on their official social media pages on Twitter, Telegram announcements, and medium, or visit the website at

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