Gamma Launches No-Code Creator Platform For Ordinal

Gamma, the premier hub for Ordinals built on the Stacks programming layer, has launched a cutting-edge no-code NFT creator platform.

Gamma, the premier hub for Ordinals built on the Stacks programming layer, has launched a cutting-edge no-code NFT creator platform. With this new platform, anyone with a Bitcoin address can effortlessly create and tokenize digital assets like images, art, and text, which was previously a challenging task on the Bitcoin network.

Gone are the days when tokenizing digital content was only possible on Web3 platforms. Gamma's platform brings the convenience of ordinal-based NFT creation to the Bitcoin world, making it accessible to all.

While some Bitcoin purists may not fully embrace the use of ordinals in the network's evolution, Gamma remains steadfast in its belief in the future of web3 and ordinals on the Bitcoin network.

Tokenizing Digital Assets with Bitcoin Ordinals is Now a Reality

The integration of NFTs on the Bitcoin mainnet has caused a rift among Bitcoin enthusiasts, with some calling it a departure from Bitcoin's original purpose as a quick way to transfer funds. But Gamma sees things differently. In case you're unfamiliar, each Bitcoin comprises 100 million Satoshis, and ordinals are data annotations connected to each Satoshi.

With ordinals, users can attach digital content like images, text, or art to a single Satoshi. Still, the process has been challenging and technical, requiring much expertise and time. That's where Gamma steps in with its user-friendly, no-code platform, making NFT creation accessible to the masses.

Gamma has revolutionized the game with its previous no-code smart contract deployment, but now the platform has taken it further. With its cutting-edge creator tools, users can effortlessly inscribe their digital content onto the blockchain. Currently, Gamma boasts a vast network of over a thousand NFT collections, with a staggering 80% being created using the platform's portal.

Jamil Dhanani, the visionary CEO and Founder of Gamma shared his excitement about the platform's latest development: "We're excited to take this step in furthering the adoption of NFTs on the most secure blockchain, Bitcoin. Ordinals make NFTs possible natively on the Bitcoin base layer, and our no-code creator platform makes ordinals accessible to anyone with a Bitcoin address. Paired with our creator launchpad on the Stacks programming and scaling layer for Bitcoin, the Bitcoin NFT creator experience is finally ready for mainstream adoption — without sacrificing superior levels of security, trust, and decentralization that only Bitcoin can offer."

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