Genesis 50+: Pakistan Hosts First Immersive NFT Virtual Art Exhibition

Genesis 50+: Pakistan Hosts First Immersive NFT Virtual Art Exhibition
Photo by Amjad Qureshi / Unsplash

The art exhibition, which has been titled “Genesis 50+,” is set to take place between 30th December 2021 to 1st January 2022 and would offer an ideal platform for Pakistani artists to showcase their different talents while also helping to generate huge revenue for their arts community. The event, which is the very first of its kind, will offer the opportunity for exploration and dialogue between artists and creators within the NFT space through various mediums of modern media. It would also assist them in understanding the prospects of the future and how it is filled with emerging tangible and intangible methods of expression.

According to the event curator, Zain Morslin, who is also an artist, the event is a turning point for members of the Pakistani art community and would see over 50 artists enter the metaverse, which has witnessed tremendous investments all over the world. He noted that while the rest of the world has held various NFT art exhibitions, none had taken place in Pakistan. This is why this event, according to him, would offer a much-needed platform for popular and emerging artists alike to display their works and talents.

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The event was set to hold in two phases: phase one held on Twitter, zainulmursaleen, and Nftismworld and spanned between 6 pm and 10 pm. It featured conversations from participants regarding their experiences, work, and expectations. The second phase will see the sharing of the link to the immersive digital exhibition and will run from 4 pm to 11:30 pm on the second day. Morslin stated that any person who desires to learn more about the NFT art exhibition is welcome to the program.

Pakistan presently prohibits cryptocurrency transactions, and as such, there will be no buying and selling during the program until the ban is lifted.

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