Giving African Artists Global Exposure: Invictus Capital Announces NFT Collection

Giving African Artists Global Exposure: Invictus Capital Announces NFT Collection
Photo by James Wiseman / Unsplash

Invictus Capital is an investment company that offers its people access to highly competitive and carefully selected alternative investment opportunities. According to the company, its investment funds returned +228.98% on average over the past year.

Invictus Capital runs and is operated on blockchain technology. In one of its recent announcements, it stated that it would be releasing a set of NFTs like never before due to their uniqueness. The collection of 100 NFTs has been tagged "Out of Africa" through its Invictus NFT Lab.

Daniel Schwartzkopff, CEO, Invictus Capital speaking to the novelty of the artworks, stated that "the inaugural collection is a first of its kind for Southern African artists and global investors." There are two purposes which this collection seeks to achieve. Firstly, they are to utilize blockchain technology to showcase special fine arts sets. Secondly, the artworks will connect African artists with those from other continents. Schwartzkopff further stated that the company would keep striving to shake up conventional financial services and investment, and this is one of the things Invictus NFT Lab is set to achieve.

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To bring the artworks of artists to the global market, Invictus Capital stated that the process will kick-start next year, 2022. However, before the physical showcase of the representation of the Artworks, which are to be sold as NFTs through an auction scheduled to hold in February, the company plans to distribute to any party interested in the NFT posters in January. Like ownership certificates, these NFTs will serve the same purpose as there can be only one owner of the item. Therefore, an owner of a non-fungible token can request the original artwork's physical delivery.

The company's move has received a commendation from various professionals and executives in the NFT space. For example, Charl Bezuidenhout of Worldart mentioned how important this step is for artists. According to him, it will increase the revenue artists are entitled to through a royalty mechanism that blockchain technology offers. Furthermore, this collection bridges the gap between the old and new art collectors, says Schwartzkopff, the CEO of Invictus Capital.

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