GLDX Token Explained The Details of Its Different Algorithm

GLDX Token Explained The Details of Its Different Algorithm
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Denxpro software LLC a software-based company has been offering its services to leading blockchain projects since 2013. Among the projects developed by Denxpro is the GLDX token. Denxpro recently announced the launch of its new, unique, and promising algorithm for the GLDX token. Unlike the algorithms of other tokens which have an inverse relationship with demand and supply, the GLDX unique algorithm increases with an increase in both sales and purchase volumes. This is specially designed to ensure optimal circulation of the GLDX token. GLDX is Denxpro’s first crypto token. There are 33 million GLDX tokens created, but only 4 million of these tokens are in circulation.

With only 4 million GLDX tokens in circulation in the global crypto market with high volumes, the token can easily achieve its target fund average. GLDX is growing rapidly as a 3 billion dollar asset-saving company. It currently has a network of global customers that provides digital asset-saving services to over 15 million users who transact in the stock market, crypto market, and commodity market.

The company is targeting $300 million with the GLDX tokens on sale, and the sales are expected to accelerate in this month of November. According to the press release, each GLDX token will be priced with a $1 initial price. They are also planning on offering varieties of discounts during the token sales.

The GLDX Token

The question on the mind of many investors is whether the GLDX token can hit 116 USDT. According to the team, the token can reach 116 USDT only if it completes 88 splits from 1:1 USDT in a short time and with a reciprocal trading volume of approximately 9 million. The token can be bought and sold on the Probit Global Exchange starting from $0.20 USDT. However, the price on CoinGecko is currently $0.215. The platform is working on accelerating its global promotion efforts beginning in November. They aim to help users earn more income by completing the targeted halving until the end of 2021.

The base price for every GLDX token starts by dividing it into a 1:1 USDT ratio. This ratio is the initial price over the commodity averages upon which the already existing investment funds are invested. For example: Fund1 + Fund2 + Fund3= (96.8USDT/88) = 1:1 USDT.

The Denxpro algorithm begins to function with a 1:1 USDT price and then is divided from the first divide to 1. However, with each 200k purchase plus sales volume, the value keeps increasing until the funds attain the 1:1 equation.

GLDX Targets Over-The-Counter (OTC) and Mining Markets

To expand its platform and liquidity range, GLDX aims to provide in-stake services and move into the OTC and mining markets. The exchange is seeking to increase the number of users and grow its total income. According to the current GLDX token income model, the focus is the transactions on the platform and the stake income. The GLDX whitepaper expressed 30% of the revenue from OTC, stake, and mining transactions since the beginning of the quarter. The exchange earmarks 30% of the revenue stream to the liquidity pool every month. Therefore, it can buy back the GLDX token from the market price whenever there is supply halving.

Overview of Denxpro Software LLC

Denxpro is an investment company with its headquarter in the United States. It was incorporated in 2019 and started offering secure storage of crypto-based assets. Denxpro started working on its own crypto assets in 2020. The company developed the GLDX token with its own algorithm in 2021. With the algorithm, the company is aiming to successfully complete the divisions before the end of the first quarter of 2022.

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