Grammy-award winner John Legend debuts NFT platform

Grammy-award winner John Legend debuts NFT platform

While most celebrities stop at owning a piece of popular NFT collections like Bored Apes and CryptoPunks, American singer/songwriter John Legend is solidifying his position in the space with the launch of an NFT platform.

Called OurSong, the platform allows musicians and other entertainers to tokenize their work. Buyers will also enjoy extra perks like access to private chatrooms and unreleased music.

Everyone can now turn stories, music, photography, and any kind of art into NFT trading cards called Vibes," the platform states. "Vibes allow you to unlock exclusive updates and access private chat communities where you can meet like-minded others.

Legend will function as the Chief Impact Officer, spearheading efforts to bring in up-and-coming artists along with their fan bases. Speaking with Bloomberg, the singer said he hopes the platform will help to connect people.

When I think about what I want to do, I try to get involved with projects that I think will make the world more connected.

Apart from Legend, a few other well-known names are linked to the project. Chris Lin, the co-founder of digital music streaming service KKBOX, will be acting as the company’s CEO. Similarly, the co-founder of the live video streaming platform Twitch, Kevin Lin, as well as the founder of Cherubic Ventures Matt Cheng will also be coming on board.

Lin reportedly said that users do not need to have a crypto wallet to access the new NFT marketplace. The platform’s Terms of Service states that Vibes can only be purchased with OurSongDollars (OSD).

You can deposit OSD in OurSong by purchasing it with credit card, debit card, wire payment, or USD Coin deposited in your wallet on Circle's blockchain.

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