Gravis.Finance kick-starts Big Bang Round for early community members

Gravis.Finance kick-starts Big Bang Round for early community members

Gravis.Finance, an NFT-focused multi-chain decentralized exchange with a cross-chain bridge, has launched its Big Bang NFT Distribution Round. Announcing the launch on Twitter on May 27, the team disclosed that early community members are primed to receive remarkable bonuses.

In mid-May, Gravis.Finance released some details about its Big Bang Round. The initiative, which is the first round of token distribution to its community, is aimed at rewarding early supporters and community members. Participants have the advantage of being the first to receive GRVS tokens. At that time, the team explained:

“At an early stage, few people believe in projects, but those who believe deserve to receive the biggest bonuses in the future. The allocation size is limited by 690,000 GRVS and the first round is open to all users.”

Adding the NFT spice

Among the features of the Big Bang Round is the inclusion of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). In the past few months, the NFT market has grown to become the rave of the moment, attracting millions from investors and generating mouthwatering profits for collectors and content creators. For instance, a digital artist known as Beeple raked in $69 million from the sale of one of his art collections as an NFT in March. Several other prominent players, including Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey and the New York Times, have also made an entry into the space.

That being said, Gravis.Finance’s Big Bang Round includes the sale of NFTs that allows buyers to farm GRVS tokens. As per the announcement, these NTFs can be sold on an internal trading post if a user decides not to farm. Furthermore, the value of an NFT card will determine how much additional bonus a user gets.

Speaking of NFT cards, the Big Bang Round has three pools of NFT tokens – Believer, Advocate, and Evangelist. These tokens can be purchased using BUSD, USDT, or USDC. While the ‘Believer’ NFT costs 500, ‘Advocate’ has a price tag of 1,000, and ‘Evangelist’ is going for 2,000.

The table below gives a breakdown of the number of tokens and bonuses each tier of NFT unlocks.

As earlier stated, users can wait for the start of Gravity Farming or opt to sell their NFTs on the internal marketplace after purchase. Higher tiered NFTs guarantee higher farming speeds and larger bonuses.

“The initial farming speed and the amount of additional GRVS bonus cannot be changed. For example, a card from the ‘Believer ‘ category farms GRVS tokens at a rate of 1% per day, and the farming rate increases by 0.25% every 10 days. The farming pool for this map is Time.”

How to join the Big Bang Round

Participating in the Big Bang Round is easy. For a start, users will need to install and set up their Metamask wallets. Once this is done, they’ll need to add Binance Smart Chain and switch to the network.Tokens can be purchased on the Gravis.Finance website. After connecting to their Metamask wallets, users will have the option to buy any of the NFTs.

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