Greenidge Bitcoin mining facility expansion approved by Torrey planning board

Greenidge Bitcoin mining facility expansion approved by Torrey planning board

Despite numerous protests and talks from environmental activists, the Torrey Town Planning Board has given Greenidge Generation, a crypto mining hybrid the go-ahead to segue forward with its plan to expand the Bitcoin mining facility at Seneca Lake, New York.

The board, in a 4-to-1 vote, approved the site plan for Greenidge to erect 4 solid structures that would house advanced data processing pieces of equipment used for Bitcoin mining.

Elated to get this approval and eager to start work as revealed by Dale Irwin, Greenidge CEO, activists, and environmental experts are hell-bent on fighting this expansion which according to them, would only increase the demand on plants to generate and use electricity, in turn, releasing fossil fuel.

Citing the future generation and environment as the main reason for opposing the expansion, environmental advocates have called on relevant authorities to see that it is stopped immediately. While there's growing agitation, the Planning Board as represented by Chairman David Granzin, disclosed they are obligated by law to review the environmental effect as well as specific elements of the site plan which the mining hybrid is in total compliance with.

Armed with EPA and DEC permits, the former coal-burning plant will go on with the expansion, although within the confines of the law.

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