H3RO3S, a Play-to-Earn Game That Will Launch on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Raises $1.1 Million from Crypto Funds

H3RO3S, a Play-to-Earn Game That Will Launch on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Raises $1.1 Million from Crypto Funds
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H3RO3S, which aims to launch a play-to-earn game on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), has raised $1.1 million from various crypto funds, including DCI Capital.

$1.1 Million Raised from Seed and Private Sales

As per an update on September 14, the funds accumulated from their seed and private sales would build the play-to-earn platform, enabling users to generate extra income.

There are 1 billion H3RO3S tokens, 21 percent of which are allocated to seed and private sales. Twenty percent of the total supply is set aside as game incentives, distributed to participants once H3RO3S launches on the BSC mainnet.

The team explains that the participation from over five crypto funds highlights the quality of the solution and the potential of the play-to-earn sector, of which analysts maintain the integration of the blockchain would be transformative. Notably, the seed and private rounds, the team further observes, were sold out in record time, indicating their solution's uniqueness.

Resolving Present Problems using the BSC

H3RO3S aims to resolve some of the traditional games' problems, including the failure of centralized platforms to rightfully disburse the gamers' fair share despite the players' dedicating time and resources. Specifically, the incorporation of the BSC ensures transparency and fairness in a secure, global, and publicly accessible environment. Besides, the project's developers seek to push the message of socialization and networking to their global user base.

This would be possible because H3RO3S plans to attach different incentives to the platform's products, levels, and talents. According to the platform's developers, users can earn a significant amount. For example, users can receive $3+ per task, graduating to the prestige level where they will be at liberty to select tasks of their choice. On the other hand, the user can redeem incentives by completing tasks for one another, cementing the protocol's goal of promoting inclusivity.

The launch from the BSC is strategic. The Tendermint reliant smart contracting platform is scalable and interoperable. As a result, users can easily transit from Ethereum to the BSC, even using the same tool, like MetaMask. However, it is BSC's low-fee environment that differentiates it from competing networks like Ethereum. For users, high fees would disincentivize participation since fees paid to the network as Gas could be far more than amounts earned from each task. Launching on Ethereum would have further complicated onboarding since H3RO3S's target market is students.

Creating Opportunities for Students

H3RO3S creators recognize the disruption of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Subsequent interventions by governments to contain the virus have affected people's well-being due to the need for social distance. Of those adversely affected are students.

As the world recovers, the platform aims to offer relief and income-generating avenues for their global audience. By incentivizing people to complete tasks and redeem assets for cash, the platform would niftily fulfill the diverse needs of people while also promoting inclusivity, which is one of their main priorities.

There are 45 talents in the H3RO3S ecosystem and four functions-- Profile, Map, SOS, and Job. There are over 100 tasks available for the users to complete depending on the corresponding talent they chose. All talents and tasks are tailored to meet the needs of their users. The primary goal in 2022, according to H3RO3S's roadmap, is to be represented in all universities in the United Kingdom (U.K.) and to open the market to the broader population as they expand, reaching a wider audience.

H3RO3S has a 30-year plan to release over 100 products as add-ons to support and grow its ecosystem sustainably. At the same time, the platform plans to remain competitive on pricing by having a structure that favors clients who choose to post tasks on its rails.

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