Hakuna Matata, a BSC Project Developing a Donation Ecosystem, raises $600k in Two Days, HKUN Listed at LBANK

Hakuna Matata, a BSC Project Developing a Donation Ecosystem, raises $600k in Two Days, HKUN Listed at LBANK
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Hakuna Matata, a CertiK-audited project on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) combining investing with altruism, has successfully raised $600k in their recent private sale.

Hakuna Matata Raises $600k in Two Days, Listed at LBANK

In the recent press release, Hakuna Matata LTD said the private sale of its HKUN BEP-20 token was one of the largest in the ecosystem, managing to crowdfund $600k in two days. Crowd sale participants also received rewards that they could claim either in BUSD or HKUN—the platform's token activated on all purchases. The protocol allows the buyer to earn a five percent reward redeemable in BUSD or HKUN.

The project now plans to get listed in leading centralized exchanges, boosting HKUN's liquidity. Notably, HKUN will first be listed on LBANK, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges registering over $1 billion in average daily trading volumes. Official trading of HKUN begins on September 28. Besides, Hakuna Matata is in discussion with other exchanges like Gate.io and KuCoin for future listing.

Hakuna Matata Defy the Odds

The success of HKUN and Hakuna Matata is when the cryptocurrency market is under pressure, retracing from August 2021 peaks. As of writing, leading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, BNB, and ETH have posted double-digit losses to consolidate at spot levels. As per the team, that Hakuna Matata managed to draw investors is a testament to its quality and investors' confidence in its prospects.

According to Gino Firaza, the team's CSO, the project will redefine cryptocurrency while tapping on the diversity of its human capital. Commenting following the successful private sale, he said:

"Our team is very diverse, bringing different cultures from different parts of the globe. Together, we can redefine cryptocurrency and become the catalyst of change to provide the highest quality in token protocol standards."

Play-to-Earn Game, Plans of an NFT Launchpad

With funding, Hakuna Matata plans to launch a Play-to-Earn game currently in development by mid-November 2021. The team is driven by uniqueness. Towards that end, they have partnered with the creator of Pumbaa in the Box Office animated movie, The Lion King, Tony Bancroft, to create their mascot, Kuna. Tony is a former Disney animator and the director of Mulan.

In their charity and altruism efforts, the team also plans to launch an NFT launchpad which will pave the way for a Music and Arts marketplace. This way, talented artists wishing to donate to charity can use the automation and transparency of the blockchain to allocate a portion of their global sales to a charity. Subsequently, it will go a long way in improving underserved and unserved communities.

All digital files in the marketplace will exist as NFTs. Investors wishing to acquire these pieces would rank them on price, donation percentage, charity donation value, and other applicable filters. Hakuna Matata states that the goal is to ensure long-term value and impact derived from investments.

Developing a Donations Ecosystem Platform, $50k Donated to Charities

Hakuna Matata plans to eventually develop a Donations Ecosystem Platform that will connect investors, donors, traders, and stakeholders, with charities in need of funding. The protocol will offer support to various reputable charities where all their requirements, for example, funding needs and roadmaps, will be indicated.

The HKUN token serves as the unit of exchange, a utility, where value will be further created as the team plans to integrate with payment gateways. This way, they will "facilitate the operation of the ecosystem while maximizing the channels, value, and diversity of donations."

Presently, the team has facilitated the donation of $50k to, among other charities, CHARITY: WATER, the Human Relief Foundation (HRF), and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

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