Hamster-powered marble races come to Ethereum

After just over two years of development, a new model for gaming has finally arrived in the Ethereum sector on the mainet, dubbed “Mia & the Marbles.” The project is powered by Mia, a female djungarian or “winter white dwarf” hamster and her hamster wheel. The hamster-powered marble races function automatically with the combination of marble-racing and wagering platform, with the help of a group of developers.

The project may come from an unusual idea, however, the development team for “M&M” showed the practical side of the project in an interview with Cointelegraph.

The developers highlighted,

We guarantee races that are provably fair, provably live and easily-verifiable,” they added, “We can guarantee that the races are taking place in real-time and are not pre-recorded. We do this with our provably live video stream that shows the first 8 bits of the current Ethereum blockhash physically on the race track with 8 movable pegs. A high peg stands for a 1, a low peg for a 0.”

The project also comes with a compensation service in place for races that can not produce accurate results after two days. Despite a form that is a little out of ordinary, M&M project has been motivated by the desire for a fair gambling system, according to the developers. Speaking of star, Mia, when several protocols regulated by DAOs are concerned with systems of rewards and the prospect of a new protocol moving their talents into fusion, the developers said that Mia is ready to deliver as she happily runs up to 8 km everyday. More tracks and potential “championship” brackets for marbles will arrive in the future, and eventually developers will continue to contribute to fun fair games on Ethereum.

The team said,

We strongly believe that adding real-world randomness into crypto gambling solutions can dramatically increase the trust that players have into these products. We want to contribute to a fair world.”

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