Harvest 2.0 to launch soon, says Kava CEO

The CEO of Kava, Brian Kerr, recently discussed the ups and downs of the DeFi sector in a conservation with CryptoPotato, and also revealed Kava’s upcoming plans for international growth. According to the CEO, the option of providing stablecoins in cash markets such as Compound, in comparison with Bitcoin, Ethereum and various other digital assets, is attractive. Such a spectacular change in mindset has resulted in a variety of primary protocols that hold billions in assets. Kerr recognized that the DeFi sector is to be cross-chained in 2021 in line with his vision. Nevertheless, as the dominant blockchain, Ethereum's role could eventually decrease due to congestion in the community and excessive fuel costs.

As for Kava’s coming plan, Kerr also outlined the first program built on the Kava DeFi hub platform. The network provides Harvest.io with the ability to convert to the key cross-chain cash market, enabling its customers to lend, borrow, and receive crypto. According to the CEO, Kava's strategies will include cross-chain bridges development to facilitate new tokens' usage. Harvest 2.0 is expected to go live in the coming months following the roles of AMM and DeFi robotic advisor. Kava also intends to establish ties with a variety of organizations to distribute their businesses worldwide. Kava protocol targets partnership establishment as an important role for global growth as DeFi becomes more integrated.

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Pandora Chain: A Strong, High-Performance Public Blockchain Needed for Large-Scale Web3 dApps

Pandora Chain: A Strong, High-Performance Public Blockchain Needed for Large-Scale Web3 dApps

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By John Williams