Hellmoon Legend Launches Exclusively New Moba NFT Games and Play-To-Earn Services For Its Holders

Hellmoon Legend Launches Exclusively New Moba NFT Games and Play-To-Earn Services For Its Holders
Photo by Florian Olivo / Unsplash

Several months ago, the Hellmoon project featured over 6,000 investors, listed on Coinmarketcap, Crypto.com, and Coingecko. The entire project is developed on their official website and offers an exclusive token obtained on BEP20 Smart Chain. Hellmoon was developed to build long-lasting projects which investors find favorable and secure. Their approach includes creating a world of virtual experience around the Hellmoon token, which could range from the world of DeFi, online stores, play-to-earn video games, and tokenized entertainment events.

The Hellmoon Legends is among the first MOBA NFT games built on the Binance Smart Chain. It allows investors to wager on each battle, receive NFT characters from playing, trade on the market, and conclude missions to earn their rewards. Each NFT letter is created to be unique, with sixteen different characteristics and skills available. Participants can receive random NFT characters by opening the Hellmoon chests. Players will be able to use their NFT characters in a thrilling metaverse. Participants will also be able to explore the various rivers and forests of the Hellmoon Legends, hide in the jungles to surprise their opponents, and win battles to earn rewards.

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The crypto-based platform is open to crypto, MOBA crypto games and play-to-earn, for users interested in crypto and enthusiastic about gaming. The platform is built to serve as an icon for judgment, and owners of farms and personal pools will use their personal Defi platform. To access their games, it is important to get their first NFT character and obtain 3% for every sale and purchase of Hellmoon if they have tokens on their digital wallets.

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