Horizen Partners With Dot Arcade NFT Game Following The Mainnet Activation Of Their Zero-Knowledge Blockchain Platform

Horizen Partners With Dot Arcade NFT Game Following The Mainnet Activation Of Their Zero-Knowledge Blockchain Platform
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Horizen’s zero-knowledge-enabled blockchain is designed to offer different blockchain solutions to users. The blockchain platform provides excellent tools for developers to build customized private and public blockchains. Horizen is powered by robust and secure public infrastructure enhanced with different security layers, and the recent announcement of their plans to collaborate with Dot Arcade NFT games has been welcomed by users of the platform.

Dot Arcade NFT games is a blockchain gaming platform constructed to combine arcade and MOBA games genres, allowing players on the platform to earn NFTs across numerous highly interactive games by competing against each other in teams or individually. The partnership will see Dot Arcade NFT game exploring the possibility of developing its games and NFTs on Horizen blockchain, thereby allowing players to store and trade in-game NFT assets.

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This collaboration will deepen Horizen’s power within the gaming sector by joining forces with Dot Arcade’s experienced and excellent developers to bring more play-to-earn games to its already fast-growing space. In a press release by Horizen, co-founder Rob Viglione noted that Dot Arcade’s staff feature some of the most experienced and talented developers within the mobile gaming ecosystem. The firm is glad to partner with them to deploy games on their blockchain network while also building a vibrant foundation for the new gaming economy.

Dot Arcade will also benefit from the partnership by using the opportunity to upgrade its gaming platform through blockchain technology. Their team will leverage Horizen’s cutting-edge cross-chain protocol, Zendoo, to assist them to form an expansive metaverse of gaming economy just like The Sandbox. According to the Chief Executive Officer of Dot Arcade NFT Game Binh Luong, their team is always excited to utilize foremost technologies to facilitate their users’ gaming experience. As such, partnering with Horizen provides them with the perfect opportunity to explore and leverage their technology to move their platform to the next level.

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