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Hologram NFTs at Art Basel Miami Are Trying to Save the Oceans
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Hologram NFTs at Art Basel Miami Are Trying to Save the Oceans

BTC Peers reporter
BTC Peers reporter

We've seen NFTs become big hits in different fields and industries, as well as helping to aid different causes. But, can NFTs help keep our environments safe as well? Can they be used as tools for environmental action?

Well, at this year's Art Basel Miami Beach, we'll see NFTs masquerade as holograms to raise money to save our oceans. But how? Here's the context. This year's Art Basel Miami Beach event is a crypto-themed conference. This is in light of the NFT fever currently sweeping the world of art all over the world.

Open Air Foundation, a tech-based platform advocating for climate action, will hold its OceanDrop NFT sale at the event. Open Air Foundation is no stranger to this sort of thing, as this is coming on the back of their CarbonDrop NFT sale, which took place earlier in the year. The sale raised an impressive $6.6m.

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Executive Director of the foundation Martin Wainstein, made it clear that the foundation's goal is to utilize Blockchain technology to find an accurate account of carbon in the atmosphere. He went on to say that the foundation also hopes to help realize a global accord to preserve 30% of land and 30% of the ocean.

According to Wainstein, the proceeds from the sale of OpenDrop NFTs will be directed towards setting up a new program called OpenOcean. This will see a project set up on Cocos Islands off the Costa Rican coast. The project will provide funding and support to local non-governmental organizations and park ranger efforts.

In its efforts at pushing the envelope on NFT innovation, Open Air Foundation is ably flanked and supported by DoingGud, RNDR, and SuperRare. At the sale, animations and digital artworks will feature holograms powered by holographic technologies like Portl. Weinstein believes that this will be key for museums looking to display digital artworks and things like that.

The OceanDrop NFT collection features pieces from as many as 21 artists, including Nicole Buffet, estranged granddaughter of investment icon Warren Buffet.