How A Millennial NFT Investor Earned About $100,000 in 6 Months

How A Millennial NFT Investor Earned About $100,000 in 6 Months
Photo by Nick de Partee / Unsplash

The metaverse world appears to have grown geometrically in past weeks, with a large ton of people expending millions of dollars on virtual lands and many other types of property. In addition, there are reports of top-tier investors like 37-year-old Robert Doyle, who is already cashing out big from owning digital assets.

Who is Robert Doyle?

Doyle is the owner of a virtual car-repair shop and a bank in a metaverse that is not even fully live yet. However, he has hit a huge amount of money, running into $100,000 in six months. This was verified through the crypto wallets shown to BusinessInsider.

Doyle's virtual property is located in Polka City. Polka City is a virtual city that allows investors to gain profits via investments in assets like buildings, hotels, gas stations, amongst others. With this metaverse gaming platform, a player can procure NFTs that make representations of virtual taxis, gas stations, billboards and even motorcycles. In addition, buyers are entitled to earn weekly interest, which is paid in the platform's native token.

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The platform's roadmap offers users the opportunity to own digital assets and engage in digital assets trading. However, the game is also set for launch soon as the roadmap highlights it as the "GTA of cryptocurrency." In his comments on the prospects of the game, Doyle stated that,

"I do think this could be a billion-dollar game. Thus, if this game reaches a billion-dollar market cap. This portends that the price of the token could be, $30, $40, $50- which depends on what happens, and these will pay out for quite some going forward because the game hasn't even launched yet."

However, Doyle expresses confidence that investment in metaverse comes with no risk. Thus, people should be further encouraged to invest in the metaverse.

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