How Candao’s Team Comes With The Right Level Of Versatile Experience Across DeFi To Ensure Its Success

How Candao’s Team Comes With The Right Level Of Versatile Experience Across DeFi To Ensure Its Success

The crypto and blockchain industry is a dynamic and highly competitive one. For a project to stand the test of time, many factors come into play. Such factors include the quality of the project, the problem the project is seeking to solve, how users identify with such a product, and the experience and knowledge of the team behind such a project. An average project with a knowledgeable and versatile team stands better than a great project with a mediocre team.

Candao is a blockchain-based and decentralized social platform created to  enable individuals with the same social and business goals to come together, collaborate, and build values together. The platform is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that allows users to match with anyone they need in their business venture. One can only imagine the team's versatility, knowledge, and experience behind such a project.

The Versatile Candao Team

It is quite intriguing that the idea of the Candao project was a chance occurrence when the paths of the two founders crossed. Candao was founded by both Pawel Barylski and Robert Wesker. Pawel began his business exploits in 2013, and Robert started in 2014 when the concept of blockchain technology is still far from what we know today. Since 2012, Pawel has been a private investor, and he also served as the CEO of FiveDreams Corp between 2013 and 2016.

Robert is "obsessed" with DeFi, NFT, Code as Law, Institutions as Smart Contract, and Real Estates Blockchain. As the co-founder of Candao, he is bringing his wealth of experience to move the project forward. Within the Candao team, there are those saddled with the project's leadership; some belong to the project development, blockchain development, creative, marketing and sales, advisors, and legal issues. All of them come together with their wealth of experience to ensure that Candao becomes a huge success.

The co-founders (Pawel and Robert) with Robert Bukowski (CMO), Michal Kufel (CTO), Marek Lewandowski (CAE), and Igor Manka (Mobile Leader), all make up the list of those leading the rest of the team. Each of these people comes with an enviable versatile experience in decentralized finance. The development team comprises fullstack developers, backend developers, and frontend developers. You can see the rest of the Candao team members here.

Overview Of the Candao Project

Candao is a blockchain-powered social platform designed for networking, crowdfunding, business development, and value exchange. The Candao platform has two unique benefits to its community members. Users can make tokens and create value by investing in businesses, people and generating passive income in the process. Additionally, community members can build their assets around their brand through the form of a variety of different tokens. Users can also match with different people on various projects or create a project on-chain team.

Some of the interesting features of the Candao project include Matchify Algorithms, CandyPad, Meta-scan, CandyChain, CandID, and CandyGroup. You can read more about these features in the whitepaper.


No project can achieve its vision and mission if the team lacks the needed experience in the industry. The case of Candao is a pointer on how important it is to always have the right team in place for the success of any project. Although the project is relatively young in the blockchain industry, its future potential is undoubtedly impressive.

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