How EURxb is bringing institutional capital to DeFi

How EURxb is bringing institutional capital to DeFi

It is without any doubt that decentralized finance has compelling use cases. The objective is to continue inventing new ways that the average individual can become a stakeholder in the global financial sector. Unlike conventional banking methods, DeFi strives to preserve the autonomy of users such that you can eliminate unnecessary expenses and still access quality financial services.

However, there is still a lot that needs to be improved upon for DeFi to achieve mainstream adoption. This is why projects like are introducing innovations potent enough to bring DeFi to a broader market. The question is: How has attempted to eliminate the DeFi growth barrier and is it working? Creates New Generation Defi Solution

We are used to seeing a majority of DeFi solutions pitch unprecedented yield mining opportunities that stem from a range of stable and predictable to risky and uncertain financial strategies. While profitability is a core requirement for every investor, not everyone can shoulder the regulatory risks involved in holding crypto assets however. Therefore, the DeFi narrative will continue to revolve around the questionable status of crypto assets unless developers or projects begin to identify ways to temper the regulatory uncertainty of DeFi instruments and retain all other components that make it unique.

This notion summarizes the business principle of and explains why it has adopted regulated investment instruments as the bedrock of its offerings. The project aims to strip DeFi of the uncertainties that might make it unattractive beyond the crypto world. To this end, it has developed a functioning system in the form of a stablecoin that combines DeFi and traditional finance components to great effect. The goal is not to dilute the essence of decentralization but to foster it by materializing the financial inclusiveness that DeFi promises.

How Is Eliminating Defi Growth Barrier?

The core operation of centers around the issuance of EURxb, a euro-dominated stablecoin pegged to registered Green bonds. The design of this stablecoin showcases the versatility of blockchain technology and how a well-thought-out DeFi strategy brings about potent financial paradigms. The adoption of ISIN-registered Green bonds gives EURxb the stability it needs as well as the level of compliance required by institutional or mainstream investors.

The project collateralized non-fungible tokens representing the bonds issued by MIRIS AS, a sustainable real estate developer in Norway, to mint EURxb. Therefore, holders are not just holding on to mathematically-backed tokens but are also assured of the tangibility associated with regulated securities. So, there is a sense of assuredness when using or holding EURxb since it features elements of compliance. This design also makes EURxb the suitable DeFi gateway for institutional investors.

EURxb provides additional economic value to holders in the form of a fixed 7% annual interest, even though it is a stablecoin. In other words, you automatically accrue the interest generated by the underlying green bonds when you hold EURxb. Besides, you can use EURxb to invest in other DeFi tokens or access earning protocols, and in the process earn extra income.

Remarkably, did not leave out the core fundamentals of decentralization in its quest to establish a regulated DeFi portal. EURxb and its underlying assets are verifiable and protected by cryptography-based security found on the Ethereum blockchain. It also features on-chain governance powered by XBE token and distributes voting rights to users. As such, you automatically become a stakeholder in the governance of the project when you hold XBE. These functionalities give credence to EURxb’s community-based ecosystem and the DeFi opportunities it provides to mainstream investors.

Are EURxb and XBE intelligent investments?

Unlike a majority of DeFi investment options, EURxb promises a fixed annual yield of 7% as the standard return applicable to holders. This does not include the additional income generated from other DeFi strategies. Therefore, you are not just protecting yourself from the uncertainties of the crypto market by holding EURxb. Instead, you also get to enjoy interest-bearing opportunities without unnecessary exposure to risks. If this is not an intelligent investment decision, then what is?

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