How healthcare campaigns are changing the healthcare industry

How healthcare campaigns are changing the healthcare industry

Since the coronavirus took the world by storm, the healthcare industry has been in a race against time to find better ways of delivering healthcare services at scale to patients. The usage of telemedicine in California grew a thousand times compared to before the pandemic. There are already established telemedicine services like Teladoc and Amwell, but since the pandemic broke out, there has been a significant increase in the number of new innovative products and services in the healthcare industry attempting to deliver healthcare services at scale. One such service born out of the pandemic is National Coronavirus Hotline (NCH), a community project run by the company Pandemics Project Inc. in San Francisco.

NCH is automating and simplifying the mass delivery of healthcare services. With a click of a button, cities, counties, states, non-profits, foundations and for-profit companies can launch healthcare campaigns to deliver healthcare-related services to their constituents and track the performance of these services in real time. Healthcare campaigns on NCH can be targeted by zip code, city, county, or state. For the first time, they can buy and distribute healthcare-related services - just like any online service - in less than 15 minutes. NCH’s mission is to make it easy for institutions to book and deliver healthcare-related services to their constituents. The basic premise of NCH is that the customer does not have to show or have an insurance card to receive services. NCH is starting off with coronavirus, flu, and respiratory medical issues, but in the future other services will be added. NCH is following the new trend of consumerization of healthcare services.

For patients, NCH is an information resource and treatment center for coronavirus. They can book an appointment online with a coronavirus doctor, speak with a therapist or obtain professional disinfection service for their home. Patients can authenticate themselves with their social security number or a password code to confirm their eligibility for free services. NCH is currently only available in the state of California but it has plans to roll out to other states.

The creation of NCH is a result of how the coronavirus disrupted daily operations of the peer-to-peer online project-based platform Education Ecosystem; when some of its community members in California contracted the virus, and others succumbed to it. The company realized that coronavirus was not just a health crisis, but a personal one that affected families, friends, and loved ones. This pushed Education Ecosystem’s community of software developers to launch NCH. Project Lead Dr. Michael J. Garbade stated:

“The coronavirus pandemic has been a big black swan event for our community, and I am happy that our community of engineers and designers came up with the NCH product idea to automate the mass delivery of healthcare services like it has never been done before.”

Community Awareness Through Healthcare Campaigns

Creating a healthcare campaign on NCH allows funders to launch campaigns based on their operational goals. They can do so by providing information that includes the campaign budget, campaign name, and duration, and then define campaign target parameters. Target parameters can be zip code, city, county, state, citizenship, or affiliation to a group or school. Funders can create a campaign in a 3-step process that takes less than 10 minutes, similar to how ad campaigns are created in Google Ads.  

Telemedicine For Instant Healthcare

Eligible users in California can book an appointment to gain access to telemedicine services. To do this, they must sign up for services on NCH and verify their information. Users can fill in a medical history form and then book telemedicine appointments. In addition to helping diagnose and treat COVID-19, NCH doctors can help with medical problems common to flu and respiratory issue, such as breathing difficulties, nausea with vomiting, fever with chills, cough, fatigue, headaches, and post-nasal drip. If indicated, NCH doctors can also write a prescription for users and send it to their pharmacy of choice.

Support Through Mental Health Therapy

NCH offers mental health therapy for users experiencing mental illness, depression, anxiety, insomnia, or distress due to coronavirus. Engaging in talk therapy with a licensed telehealth therapist can help people to get the support and advice they need to look after themselves during the coronavirus pandemic. NCH has partnered with the best-licensed marriage and family therapists (LMFT) in California to provide patients this service.

Residential Disinfection Services

National Coronavirus Hotline provides professional disinfection services to eligible users by dispatching an experienced team to inspect and disinfect homes during and after a coronavirus infection in a household. Their pool of coronavirus disinfection professionals covers basic Covid-19 disinfection, Covid-19 cleaning, air and surface treatment (highest EPA rating 99.9), and coronavirus surface testing (ISO 15216).


National Coronavirus Hotline is offering an interesting twist in how healthcare services are delivered at scale. It is a smart approach that they are starting off with coronavirus and flu-related medical issues. If they manage to sign up a lot of cities, counties, states, foundations, and non-profits this could turn out to be a huge business.

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