How NFT Game Called 'Legacy' Made $900,000 from Sale of Digital Plot of Land

How NFT Game Called 'Legacy' Made $900,000 from Sale of Digital Plot of Land
Photo by Yuriy Bogdanov / Unsplash

There has been an increase in the rate at which NFT creators are making money from the innovative products they release and even for NFT ideas that are yet to be fully launched. An example of the latter is Legacy, a new NFT Game created by Peter Molyneux. Molyneaux is a fable creator known for creating "Curiosity." Curiosity is a game involving various players clicking on a huge cube multiple times to discover what is inside the cube. Although, however, the "Legacy" game is yet to be released. This new project of his entails "using blockchain technology that allows players to build digital business empires. Once they buy their plot of land to start, players can start their own so-called "blockchain business association."

Hence, the plot of land sold for $900k represents one out of various plots of land in this game created by Peter Molyneaux. According to reports, even though the plots of land are still in the pre-sale stage, it has attracted the sum of $56 Million, which is in the form of NFT assets.

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The Legacy game has received many reactions since Molyneaux announced it. According to Gala Games, "Legacy is a creative entrepreneur's dream come true, an opportunity for players to build their very own business, designing their very own products from a huge array of possibilities as they create a business empire the likes of which the world has never seen!"

This statement by Gala Games shows that the Legacy game comes with so many benefits. The first is that it allows players to act as entrepreneurs and fulfill their dreams of successfully building a business. Secondly, the Legacy game presents players the chance to turn their imaginations to viable products, and also you can get to trade and earn money from your gameplay.

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