How Slime Royale Leverages Blockchain Technology to Create a Different Business Model in the Mobile Game industry

How Slime Royale Leverages Blockchain Technology to Create a Different Business Model in the Mobile Game industry
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The cryptocurrency market is experiencing a huge crash that has been taking a heavy toll on all blockchain-based projects out there. GameFi projects are among the biggest victims of this downtrend with investors becoming more cautious on spending in the sector.

On the positive note, this could possibly be a much-needed stress test for the market that only high-quality NFT games may survive and thrive. Recently, Slime Royale - an emerging NFT game project has won over hundreds of candidates to receive investment support from GoGame thanks to the innovative application of blockchain in creating a business model like no other.

Slime Royale - NFT Game with gameplay-oriented

Slime Royale distinguishes themselves in the NFT Game market as a project with a vision like no other. GameFi is usually regarded as money-oriented projects that majorly focus on the financial factors, while the gaming gets set aside. The core of Slime Royale, in contrast, is formed around designing an engaging game and then applying blockchain to resolve the payment problem and attract new players.

Slime Royale Leverages Blockchain Technology to Create a Different Business Model

Many studies show that game studios currently have to deduct up to 50% of their revenue for the advertising platforms as Google and Meta, 30% for payment services of Google and Apple. Thus, to break the jinx, Slime Royale decided to incorporate blockchain technology into their product; rather than paying over 80% of their revenue to these advertising giants, Slime Royale aims to explore blockchain means to reward their players for helping to sustain and develop their community.

With Blockchain, Slime Royale will create new payment methods. In this way, Slime Royale will no longer have to deduct 30% of their revenue to spend on Google, Meta, or Apple. Instead, Slime Royale will pay to the players, who are making a real contribution to maintain the payment gateway. On the other hand, Slime Royale implements affiliate programs and rewards the community with Slime Royale’s tokens. This new approach to user acquisition will help Slime Royale avoid overspending on Meta and Google's advertising system.

In summary, instead of paying up to 80% of revenue to Apple, Google, Meta: Slime Royale will apply blockchain to reward those who help maintain the payment gateway and develop the community.

If Slime Royale can actualize this idea, a new business model will be created to break the monopoly of advertising platforms, and game publisher portals. With the new business model, Slime Royale aims to open up more earning opportunities for many people.

Invested by goGame - Singapore game giant

goGame is a mobile game publisher with Headquarters in Singapore. As a multinational corporation, goGame has branches in many Asian countries, such as Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, and the Philippines.

Though this is not the best of times for the crypto industry, Slime Royale outstandingly outshined 100+ NFT projects to grasp a huge investment opportunity from the benevolent goGame.

The investment from goGAme will aid Slime Royale in developing games that not only impact the value of the gaming experience but also have a financial system and a viable revenue distribution model that will benefit all players.


With the application of blockchain, Slime Royale has created a completely different business model in the market, bringing more diverse earning opportunities for players. With a different business model, Slime Royale has received investment from goGame, Appota Group, Koi Capital and many other investors to realize its ideas.

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