How to convert Bitcoin to Naira (Guide)

If you want to convert Bitcoin to Naira it is very simple. All you have to do is go to a currency conversion site that supports both Bitcoin and the Naira, and enter the amounts that suit your needs.

For example, you can use to make a conversion between Bitcoin and Naira. Just visit, and enter the amount of Bitcoin that you want to convert to Naira. The site will tell you what the Bitcoin is worth in Naira.

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If you want to change your Bitcoin to Naira and withdraw it to a bank account, or cash, there is a little more work to do. Nigeria has one of the best Bitcoin markets in Africa, and there are exchanges that will allow you to swap Bitcoin for Naira with ease.

Here are some of the exchanges that you can use:




Any of these exchanges will be able to change Bitcoin into Naira, but you will have to go through a KYC procedure, which isn't a big deal if you want to withdraw the money to a bank account.

Every exchange will have fees for making transactions and withdrawals, so make sure you understand the costs before you make the transaction. Smaller transactions may not be cost-efficient.

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