Hudson Jameson bids the Ethereum Foundation farewell

Hudson Jameson bids the Ethereum Foundation farewell

One of the popular faces of Ethereum, Hudson Jameson, is finally stepping down from his role unofficial role of communicator-in-chief of the Ethereum foundation.

Jameson is a software developer and engineer who joined the Ethereum Foundation in June 2016. Back then, the now second-largest cryptocurrency was worth under $20 per token. Today, the digital asset is now valued above $2,500.

Jameson is leaving the role to pursue new opportunities. He expressed gratitude for working with the Foundation in a series of tweets yesterday:

Today is my last day at the Ethereum Foundation. I am incredibly grateful for all of the support I’ve had from both EF folks and the community over the years. Time for an appreciation thread!

Speaking of his role in the Ethereum Foundation, Jameson was quite visible as the moderator of the blockchain’s biweekly All Core Devs meeting from late 2016 to February 2021. The meeting generally involved updates from different Ethereum software clients and research projects. However, Jameson retreated from his role as a core dev liaison in December last year. Tim Beiko, an Ethereum Foundation contractor, took over the mantle.

According to his tweets, Jameson is not entirely leaving the Ethereum ecosystem. He is a member of the Ethereum Cat Herders and still plans on continuing his work informally.

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