Hungry Hamster Club Launches NFT Art Collection Linked to Real Life Sculptures

Over the last few months, the cryptocurrency space has been incredibly volatile. The crash of Bitcoin that recently occurred brought the token’s price to around $35,000, only a few months after its all-time high of over $60 thousand per coin. Bitcoin has seen a slight resurgence in the wake of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia conflict, sitting at just over $41,000 a coin at the time of this writing.

Though the cryptocurrency space has seen a tumultuous few months, NFTs have been nothing but successful, seeing a drastic climb in market value and popularity within the last few years. In the third quarter of 2021 alone, trading volumes reached nearly $11 Billion. The current year has been just as favorable for this new form of investment, with an estimated 250,000 people trading NFTs each month on OpenSea.

With the entire NFT space constantly growing, so too do the use cases and utilities associated with these tokens. As the years progress, NFTs are integrated into different industries.

Enter the Hungry Hamster Club, a fun and adorable NFT project. The Hungry Hamster project will launch 10,000 Hungry Hamster NFTs. The collection of hamsters is characterized by their insatiable appetite, with the illustrations depicting them eating or looking for food.

The NFTs aren’t just a collection of cute critters. Holders get real utility just for owning a piece of the collection. That includes Art Toy collectibles designed by well-known artist Oasim Karmieh, and the ownership rights to large-scale sculptures that are going to pop up in major cities.

The project is setting itself apart by avoiding the high gas fees used by most NFT collections. Hungry Hamster Club is launching on the Solana blockchain to both enhance the experience for the user and reduce gas fees.

More on the Hungry Hamster Club NFT Collection

The Hungry Hamster Club NFT collection is a set of 10,000 hand-drawn and generative NFTs that exist on the Solana blockchain. Each NFT depicts a hamster eating or looking to eat something, with a good portion holding half-eaten food. The hungry hamsters all have unique costumes and are equipped with endearing quirks, creating a visual narrative for the entire set.

The Hungry Hamster Club project isn’t just creating an NFT collection. The project will also be delving into producing and displaying toys, framed artworks and sculptures, and collaborating and experimenting with creative minds.

The goal of the project is not just to show off cute hamsters, it’s actually to share a more meaningful artistic message. The items hamsters are holding their hands actually symbolize the greed that lies within people.

That’s why Hungry Hamster Club is starting The Greed Pool, a fund dedicated to empowering artists and supporting their projects.

Hungry Hamster Club Roadmap

The Hungry Hamster Club has lofty ambitions, with the launch of their NFT collection just being the start.

Here is a quick look at the project’s future plans:

LAUNCH (June, Date TBA)

Hungry Hamster launches! Let's get this started! 10,000 exclusive Hamsters get minted from this date.


Development of HH 3D and Sculptures With our 3d artists, we would start making 3D models and get prototypes done.


Early HH Adopter’s NFT Drops Owners of the first 30% of our NFTs would be eligible to receive an exclusive NFT drop. 300 to be air dropped.


Launch and Showcase of HH Sculptures and NFTs (dates tbc) Showcase and display of our sculptures and artworks at certain venues. Co-Ownership NFTs would be made available for HH Club members and the public.


Development of Hungry Hamster Toys 3D models and prototypes of HH toys to be made. HH Club members would have exclusive access to certain models.


Launch of Hungry Hamster Club Art Toys to be made available to our members. There will be a NFT verification system on our website for you to input your postal address (worldwide) to redeem your collectable. You will be able to redeem it 4 times, at different times of the year.


Artist and Creator Funding and Incubator A funding and incubation program to Educate, Encourage and Empower budding artists and creators.


All Hungry Hamster Club members would be able to "mate" their hamsters to create a new generation with mixed breeds

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