Huobi NFT Introduces On-Chain Credentials to Represent Users: Web3 Identities

Huobi NFT Introduces On-Chain Credentials to Represent Users: Web3 Identities
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Today, Huobi NFT, which is the official non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace of Huobi Global, commenced registrations for its on-chain decentralized identity product. This product, popularly known as Huobi NFT ID, is a new product that would enable users to access various platforms, such as the Huobi NFT metaverse, exclusive NFT releases, and airdrops, as well as other numerous benefits.

Just like Huobi NFT ID, decentralized identities act as a pathway to the metaverse, thereby allowing users access to the meeting point between Web2 and Web3. Thus, for any person looking to delve into the metaverse space, a decentralized identity is required. Furthermore, a decentralized identity not only acts as a pathway that enables users to gain access but also doubles as a platform for confirming and recording all information and activities on blockchains. In addition, the product’s ability to provide security, ownership, and interconnectedness between several computers is one of its numerous features.

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Furthermore, a special component of this product is its utility. It enables users to access subsequent airdrops and limited version NFTs. In the words of the Huobi NFT Team,

“Decentralized digital identities will play a central role in onboarding millions of new users in the metaverse, as more people leap Web3.”

Going further, the team also stated,

“We launched a pilot of our identity platform last month to gather user feedback, and we’re now starting to incorporate their suggestions to create an even better product and user experience. Now, we are opening up pre-registration as a way to give back to our early users.”

Pre-registration of users who wish exclusive access to the product when it launches in the coming year-2022 is ongoing. Interestingly, in the spirit of the celebration of the coming year and gratitude to long-term supporters, Huobi Global seeks to ensure that users who have registered successfully would have the opportunity to receive a limited edition of Huobi’s 8th Anniversary NFT.

The Registration procedures include:

·       A special NFT draw is to be carried out for successful chain ID registrations on December 28, 2021, at 18:00. However, these NFTs would be given on a first-come-first-serve basis.

·       Every user is mandated to create only one on-chain identity

·       The Huobi NFT can be accessed by clicking on the NFT banner on the homepage of Huobi Global, this also gives room to participate in the event.

·       Users are also required to input the ID of the pass they intend to register, and await confirmation of its availability by the on-chain.

·       Participants are also required to invite over five friends to complete the registration process, which also qualifies them for a daily lottery, and a sizzling opportunity to win a bonus of up to 1,000 USDT.

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