IBM Watson Pioneer's AI Startup Raises $60M As Investors Chase "Next ChatGPT"

Elemental Cognition, an AI startup founded by David Ferrucci, the leader of the team that created IBM's Watson, has raised nearly $60 million in new funding as investors seek the "next ChatGPT."

The New York-based startup provides natural language AI solutions for enterprises, including chatbots tailored for finance, travel, and research. Its latest funding comes amid surging interest in generative AI in the wake of ChatGPT's viral success.

Elemental has raised $59.95 million to date according to an SEC filing on August 17th. The company plans to secure an additional $5.75 million as it works on advanced natural language AI capabilities.

Pioneer Of IBM Watson Looks To Next Era Of AI

David Ferrucci spent 18 years at IBM and led the team that developed Watson, IBM's famous question-answering AI that gained mainstream fame after defeating human champions on Jeopardy! in 2011.

After departing IBM, Ferrucci served as Director of Applied AI at hedge fund Bridgewater Associates before founding Elemental Cognition in 2018 to pursue new frontiers in natural language AI.

The startup focuses on enhancing language model capabilities by integrating large neural networks with an AI reasoning engine. This powers the company's Cogent and Cora enterprise chatbot products for tasks like financial services and research automation.

According to its LinkedIn page, Elemental is also developing "Generative AI" - AI capable of generating original text and content like ChatGPT. This hints at Ferrucci's ambitions to advance language AI beyond current limitations.

Investors Chase The Next ChatGPT-Like Breakthrough

ChatGPT took the world by storm upon its launch by research lab OpenAI in late 2022. Its ability to generate surprisingly human-like text conversations immediately triggered speculation about how such AI could disrupt industries.

This hype has sent investors scrambling to find the next startup that could replicate OpenAI's success. Elemental's founding team and focus on conversational AI make it a prime target.

In fact, Elemental counts Jim Breyer among its investors - Breyer was also an early backer of OpenAI itself. Other notable Elemental investors include Sam Palmisano, former CEO of IBM, and Geoff Yang, founding partner at Redpoint Ventures.

The AI space is now seeing levels of funding not witnessed since the peak of the AI hype cycle in 2016. Elemental alone has amassed close to $65 million in total. With Watson's ancestry and aspirations in natural language AI, hopes seem high it could spark the next revolution after ChatGPT.

The Legacy Of IBM Watson

IBM Watson since its Jeopardy! success became emblematic of the potentials of AI. But despite once being hailed as a breakthrough technology, Watson ultimately failed to live up to that promise.

IBM pivoted Watson from beating trivia games to practical business applications. However, it struggled to find profitable real-world uses and faced criticism about overpromising Watson's capabilities.

After investments of billions, IBM eventually gave up attempting to commercialize Watson. It spun off Watson Health in 2020 and open-sourced some Watson APIs and services rather than offering it as a monolithic system.

But Ferrucci's leadership of the original Watson team still carries weight in the AI community. And investors are betting lightning can strike twice for Ferrucci with Elemental Cognition as AI enters a new era.

The Future Of Natural Language AI

ChatGPT proved conversational AI has reached an impressive new milestone. But it has shortcomings around accuracy and coherence that limit its capabilities.

Elemental is among the startups trying to advance language AI to the next level. Its hybrid approach combining neural networks with rules-based reasoning aims to improve capabilities and control.

A key challenge will be making such AI useful for practical business and research applications rather than just text generation tricks. By focusing on enterprise use cases, Elemental may be able to successfully commercialize its technology where IBM Watson failed.

But equally important will be managing expectations and avoiding overhyping its true abilities as IBM did. The AI world is watching closely to see if Elemental can drive real progress in making language AI more powerful yet trustworthy.

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David Ferrucci pioneered breakthrough AI at IBM Watson, and now aims to spark the next evolution in natural language systems with his startup Elemental Cognition. Backed by $60 million in fresh funding, all eyes are on Elemental to see if it could replicate the success of ChatGPT. But advancing language AI beyond today's limitations while avoiding the pitfalls of overhype will be a major challenge. Only time will tell if Ferrucci's second act can shape the future of AI as profoundly as Watson did over a decade ago.

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