Ideaology launches IDEA token pre-sale

Ideaology is offering its IDEA token to the public in a pre-sale that is scheduled to take place in early December. The pre-sale will take the form of an IEO on the P2PB2B exchange. The goal of the platform is to become a hub for blockchain development in the future. The company will also launch its Active IDEA platform in early December.

Founder and CEO at Ideaology, Khaled Alkalbani, commented,

Freelancers don’t necessarily work on online freelance platforms, and clients or companies don’t necessarily look for talents on those websites. Many of them are running their independent business from their websites or agencies, and looking for clients via advertisements, email marketing, leads generation, and other techniques. This is why we need to ask the question: why would a freelancer choose a website like Upwork, Fiverr, or Freelancer to sell his services when they can be part of a platform where they can offer their expertise and services on a platform specifically created for their exposure and convenience?”

The platform is unique as it allows freelances to obtain ownership in the projects they work on via a new token model. The IEO offers IDEA tokens at a 22% discount, and will help the company move forward with the launch of its platform.

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