In the Wilder World, Staking and Liquidity Mining Have Arrived

In the Wilder World, Staking and Liquidity Mining Have Arrived
Photo by Carl Raw / Unsplash

Wilder World, a very immersive "5D" metaverse game, is celebrating the Christmas holidays with a terrific new update. The gaming platform now supports $WILD staking and liquidity farming. Fans have been on pins and needles waiting for the staking update since the native $WILD token debut. Finally, it is now operational, allowing holders of the coveted coin to earn interest on their $WILD tokens.

Stakers have two alternatives in the future. To participate in liquidity farming, either stake $WILD directly or create liquidity provider (LP) pairings on Uniswap. Both alternatives require an Ethereum wallet, which can be found in Metamask, Wallet Connect, Coinbase, Formatic, or Portis. Users can go to Wilder World's bespoke staking page, connect the right wallet, and become full-fledged investors in the Wilder World ecosystem after preparing the required amounts. Since this is an Ethereum-based system, customers must ensure they have enough ETH to cover transaction charges.

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Contributors can monitor their assets via the "My Deposits" tab once they've pledged to the cause, confident in the knowledge that they can unstake their assets at any moment and that more staking alternatives will be added to the platform in future updates. By allowing token holders and liquidity providers to receive yield by staking tokens, staking $WILD introduces a new option to incentivize continuing community engagement. The Staking Portal is a beta version that will serve as the foundation for expanding the number of ways to earn and stake qualified Wilder World NFTs in the future.

According to a statement released on the Wilder World official website, you can withdraw your $WILD and LP tokens at any time, but all Staking Rewards are locked for a period of 12 months. Additionally, as you claim your rewards, they are staked in the WILD Staking Pool for compounded returns.

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