India's First Marvel-Based NFTs Launches with Chakraverse Event

India's First Marvel-Based NFTs Launches with Chakraverse Event
Photo by Erik Mclean / Unsplash

There has been a rise in the crypto trend all over the world, and the year 2021 is no exception, particularly the NFT trend. Several organizations in diverse industries have hopped into the NFT trend to create a space to benefit from the popularity and success of this popular trend. In addition, celebrities have also joined the trend of discovering the high possibility of the benefits and the possibility of the venture being lucrative.

In the NFT world, a new development has set in, with India launching its first Marvel-based NFT at the Chakraverse event. Chakraverse is based on a superhero named Chakra. This came about due to the collaboration between creators of various comic books such as Stan Lee, Gotham Chopra, and Sharad Devarajan. Raju Rai, one of the characters, is captivated by the idea of the seven chakras, and finds a way to discover the powers.

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Upon his active search, he came across a good doctor named Dr Singh. Following circumstances, Raju is named the new superhero, Chakra – the invincible. He promises to put his power to good use, protect the citizens of Mumbai, and ensure that justice is rendered to villains. As a result of the comic book growing popularity, it has now delved into the NFT landscape.

The Chakraverse event is a series of NFT, which kicked off yesterday on December 27. The event was exclusive only to Beyondlife. The several events that took place include Chakra Loot Box, Chakra Artpunks, Animated Living Comic Book Cover, The Jumbo Juke Box.

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One of the events in the Chakraverse event was the Chakraverse NFT, which allowed users to purchase a Loot Box with the assurance of one Chakra Artpunk. The collection contained 6,865 generative NFTs and appealed to every NFT enthusiast present. The Chakra ArtPunks is a collection that recognizes characters' exclusive attributes and immortalizes them in an NFT form. Also, fans were allowed to bid independently and possess the Chakra character's origin story as an NFT.

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