Infinity Ecosystem Aims To Revolutionize The DeFi Market and Make It Accessible To All

Infinity Ecosystem Aims To Revolutionize The DeFi Market and Make It Accessible To All
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The decentralized finance (DeFi) market has witnessed massive growth in 2021, although the market experienced a pullback within the late first half of the year. However, with all that has happened, DeFi market growth has continued to soar to new highs. According to a report on Business Insider, DeFi is likely to become an $800 billion industry in the coming year. With the booming DeFi market, many projects are seeking entry into the market with innovative and disruptive services.

One of such projects is the Infinity Ecosystem, a unique user-centric cross-chain DeFi project seeking to revolutionize the decentralized finance market. The project aims to make the DeFi ecosystem accessible to everyone.

Overview of the Infinity Ecosystem

Infinity Ecosystem is a cross-chain, user-centric, and continuously evolving ecosystem of DeFi protocols and platforms. The ecosystem aims to revolutionize the DeFi space by bringing new value and innovation to the industry. To ensure the DeFi space is available to all, Infinity Ecosystem seeks to provide global, unified, user-friendly interfaces and advanced features designed to ensure both experienced and basic users have the best experience. The ecosystem has protocols that empower decentralized finance for developers, financial institutions, wallets, traders, exchanges, and liquidity providers.

Infinity Ecosystem aims to build innovative and easy-to-use decentralized finance platforms and protocols across different blockchain networks. By doing so, the project offers everyone a possible gateway to financial freedom. The project is not just looking to provide value in the short term; it is out to create long-term value and growth in the DeFi industry. By providing a seamless user experience, Infinity Ecosystem is facilitating easier mainstream adoption. The ecosystem is made of DeFi platforms, protocols, and utility/governance token, such as the open-source Infinity Protocol, new-generation Infinity Crypto decentralized exchange, and the flagship platform Infinity Wallet. Shard is the central utility and governance token across the entire Infinity Ecosystem.

Shard Token

Shard is the native token used across multiple Infinity platforms and protocols, and it provides unique and diverse benefits, features, governance, and use cases. It is a global, multi-chain, and decentralized token that anyone can access on both Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum blockchain. Shard holders govern the Shard token and the Infinity Protocol, and can create proposals, vote on integrations, whitelisting, and treasury usage.

The Infinity Platforms and protocols within the ecosystem have special protocols for burning the Shard token, reducing the coin supply. At present, Shard is burned from 0.05% of the traded volume on the Infinity Protocol, 100% of Shard burn community whitelisting on Infinity Crypto and Infinity Wallet, as well as fees from the Infinity Wallet.

Infinity Wallet

This is an all-in-one multi-chain and non-custodial wallet and arguably the ultimate gateway for decentralized finance. Infinity Wallet offers a wide range of special features and advancements. The wallet gives users complete control over their digital assets, and they can easily store, send, monitor, access Dapps and DeFi, and so much more. Infinity Wallet is one of the few DeFi platforms in close work with the community to bring real value to the DeFi market space. It aims to create the ideal user environment with better development to serve the needs of users worldwide.

Some of the notable features of the Infinity Wallet include the following:

  • The wallet supports more than 150,000 cryptos across 10 different chains.
  • Users can easily swap and bridge between multiple chains.
  • It allows you to monitor your portfolio and its historical performance.
  • Permits custom token importing for ETH, BSC, and Polygon.
  • It can connect to any DeFi or Dapp platform in a matter of seconds.
  • There are more wallet options, and more are currently on the way.
  • It provides the latest crypto news and live market statistics.

The Infinity Wallet is available on desktop, and soon it will be made available on mobile for complete control of your digital assets.

Infinity Crypto

This is a user-based DeFi protocol and platform designed for trading, investing, and earning cryptocurrency. Infinity Crypto provides many advancements that are built on the Infinity Protocol. With its all-in-one decentralized exchange, it is redefining decentralized trading and finance technology. It permits instantaneous and non-custodial token swap and advanced decentralized trading. With Infinity Crypto, you can earn by providing liquidity without registration; all you need is to connect with your Infinity Wallet.

Experts and new users can leverage the decentralized exchange to swap in seconds and check the market charts and liquidity depth via the advanced trading interface.


Although the decentralized finance industry is relatively young, projects like the Infinity Ecosystem appear to be positioning for the industry's future. There are very few projects with such an innovative long-term approach, and there is nothing to doubt that Infinity Ecosystem is on the right track. However, in a dynamic industry like this, only time will tell.

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