Intel is jumping head-first into the metaverse, works on software to use computing power of other devices

Intel is jumping head-first into the metaverse, works on software to use computing power of other devices

As many global brands jump on the supposed “next big thing,” the metaverse, Intel has finally shared its strategy for entering into the metaverse.

Executives of the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturer have revealed that the company is working on software that will allow users to pool computing power from other devices, including those from its rivals.

According to a Reuters report, the firm is working on a software solution that will allow computing resources to be pooled together based on the usage requirements. In an interview with Quartz, the head of Intel's accelerated computing systems and graphics group Raja Koduri argued that despite the advancements in computational power, existing systems are not enough.

One foundational thing we always knew is that for what we imagined in Snow Crash, what we imagined in Ready Player One, for those experiences to be delivered, the computational infrastructure that is needed is 1000 times more than what we currently have.

The fast-rising metaverse trend will obviously need vastly more computing power and Intel believes its first point of entry should be taking advantage of existing computing power that is being unused. Koduri explained:

The compute that you need to render a photo-realistic you of me or your environment needs to be continued anywhere. That means that your PCs, your phones, your edge networks, your cell stations that have some compute, and your cloud computing needs to be kind of working in conjunction like an orchestra—between all of these three elements that deliver that kind of beautiful metaverse. It’ll take time.

Koduri goes further to state that the software will work with hardware from its rivals as long as they are on industry-standard specifications.

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