Internet Computer's 0.49% Price Decline to $3.32: Key Insights for September 6, 2023

The price of Internet Computer's ICP token has declined 0.49% over the past hour to $3.32 as of September 6, 2023. With a market capitalization of $1.47 billion, ICP is currently ranked #37 among cryptocurrencies. Over the past 24 hours, $13.51 million worth of ICP has been traded. Let's take a deeper look at the key metrics and trends for ICP.

The 0.49% 1-hour decline today comes after ICP saw a 0.43% increase over the past 24 hours. However, zooming out further reveals declining momentum. Over the past 7 days, ICP has dropped 4.60%. The downtrend is even more apparent in the 1-month view, with ICP down 18.29%. Looking at the past 6 months paints an even bleaker picture, with ICP tumbling 37.64%.

The multi-month downtrend indicates that ICP is struggling to gain upside momentum in the current macro environment. Multiple factors are likely contributing to the selling pressure. First, the correlation between crypto and equities remains high, so ICP is vulnerable to the bearish sentiment in stock markets. Second, as a layer-1 blockchain, ICP faces fierce competition from alternative smart contract platforms. The lack of a compelling value proposition makes it difficult for ICP to attract developer and user adoption.

However, the 24-hour trading volume of $13.51 million shows that interest in ICP still exists despite the downtrend. ICP remains a top 40 crypto in market capitalization as well. The on-chain activity and network effects have not evaporated completely.

So what could turn the tide for ICP going forward? There are a few key catalysts to watch for:

Can Increasing Developer Activity Revive ICP's Price?

ICP will need to demonstrate growth in developer activity and dApp deployment to rebuild upside momentum. So far, the total value locked in ICP DeFi protocols remains relatively small at $13 million. For comparison, alternative layer-1s like Solana, Avalanche, and Polygon have over $1 billion in DeFi TVL. More protocols and users would create organic demand for ICP tokens.

The Internet Computer team is promoting various developer incentives, hackathons, and grants to attract builders. But it remains to be seen whether these efforts will be enough to make ICP stand out in the crowded smart contract platform space. Ultimately, the technology and tooling will need to reach a tipping point of being developer-friendly while also providing advantages over other chains.

If the Internet Computer can gain developer mindshare and emerge as a go-to platform for certain dApps, the improved utility should restore positive sentiment among ICP holders. This network activity would lay the foundation for the next bullish price cycle.

Can Staking and Hodling Support ICP's Price Floor?

Another factor that could stabilize ICP's price is growing staking activity and hodling from long-term token holders. According to data from CryptoRank, around 75% of the ICP supply has not moved on-chain in over a month. This suggests low selling pressure from current holders.

Additionally, the staking of ICP tokens essentially takes them out of circulation from traders. Over 26% of the supply is currently staked to the Internet Computer's protocol. With strong hodling and staking locking up the majority of ICP tokens, this reduces the liquid supply available on exchanges.

If ICP's staking metrics and investor holding patterns remain strong, it would establish a price floor and prevent steeper declines. The hodling behavior indicates investors with a long-term belief in the Internet Computer. As more token holders stake and hodl, the available "free float" of ICP shrinks. This supply dynamic could provide stability and potentially set the stage for a supply squeeze if demand rises in the future.

ICP Prediction for the Next 6-12 Months

Given the current bearish momentum, it is unlikely that ICP will reclaim its all-time high near $700 in the next 6-12 months, barring an extremely bullish environment for the overall crypto market. However, there are scenarios where ICP could begin to reverse its multi-month downtrend.

If the Internet Computer starts to gain developmental traction and proves its capabilities through popular dApps over the next year, anticipation would build among crypto investors. Any parabolic movements in the broader crypto market in 2023 could squeeze ICP's price higher.

It seems reasonable to expect ICP finding a floor in the $2 to $3 range, given its staking and holding metrics. Upside toward the $5 to $7 range later in 2023 could materialize if the crypto macro environment improves. A return to the $10 to $15 range in 2024 seems feasible if ICP makes technological advancements and enjoys reflexive growth.


ICP faces an uphill battle to regain its bullish momentum, but the crypto market is known for its volatility. If the Internet Computer can successfully bring developers and applications onto its blockchain, the fundamentals would improve. The current holders and staking activity also suggest a base of believers in the ICP ecosystem. While the short-term trend remains negative, ICP still has an opportunity to reverse its multi-month slide and get back on a positive trajectory. The next year will be crucial for proving whether the Internet Computer can fulfill its ambitious vision.

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