Internet Computer's 2.17% Price Surge to $3.29: Key Takeaways for September 5, 2023

Internet Computer's ICP token saw a moderate 2.17% price increase over the past 24 hours to $3.29. This comes after a period of declining prices over the past month and six months, with ICP down 18.05% and 38.45% over those timeframes respectively. However, there are some signs that the bleeding may be slowing or even reversing course.

ICP currently has a market capitalization of $1.45 billion, putting it within the top 50 cryptocurrencies by market cap. Trading volume over the past 24 hours totaled $13.37 million, which is on the lower side compared to other major cryptocurrencies. This could indicate lower levels of interest and activity around ICP at the moment.

Over the past hour, ICP's price declined a slight 0.23%, giving back a small portion of the gains from the past day. However, zooming out to the past week shows a loss of 4.01%, indicating the broader downward price trend is still in place for now.

The recent 24 hour gain for ICP could signal a potential change in sentiment and reversal of the long-term downtrend. However, it will take more time and further upside price action to confirm whether a sustained recovery is unfolding.

Is This the Start of an ICP Trend Reversal?

ICP has been caught in a downward price spiral for most of 2022 along with the broader cryptocurrency market. However, the token has greatly underperformed the market with steeper losses. This begs the question - is ICP finally finding a bottom and poised for a trend reversal?

There are several factors that suggest there could be some light at the end of the tunnel for battered ICP holders:

  • Oversold conditions - The RSI indicator on weekly and monthly timeframes is showing ICP is heavily oversold, which often precedes trend reversals. The token appears due for a bounce at the very least.
  • Positive development news - Internet Computer has continued onboarding new applications and partnerships, showing ongoing ecosystem growth despite market conditions. The technology and fundamentals appear solid.
  • Historic support - ICP found support and bounced off the $3 level back in June 2022. This key psychological level could once again act as support and confirm a reversal.

However, risks remain that could invalidate any reversal for ICP:

  • Lack of buying pressure - Despite oversold RSI, volume has remained lackluster suggesting limited buying demand. More capital inflows are needed to drive a sustained rebound.
  • Broader market weakness - Cryptocurrencies tend to trade in correlation with Bitcoin and the overall market. Any renewed macro weakness would likely pressure ICP lower again.

Overall, the case for a trend reversal is promising but not definitive yet for ICP. Traders should watch for a break above resistance at $3.50 and increased volume as the next signs of confirmation.

What's the Long-term Price Outlook for ICP?

Internet Computer experienced a meteoric rise and fall following its launch in May 2021. Now trading over 90% below its all-time high, what does the long-term price outlook look like for ICP?

Based on current technical and on-chain signals, ICP could potentially reach $15-20 by late 2023. Here are some factors that support this projection:

  • Strong project fundamentals and ongoing ecosystem growth provide long-term tailwinds for the ICP token. The team continues to ship product roadmap milestones.
  • Current price is massively oversold relative to potential. ICP is a top 50 project trading near historic price lows, suggesting huge upside potential.
  • The crypto market cycle analysis suggests late 2023 could see the next bull market kick off. This macro recovery would lift ICP with the rising tide.

However, risks that could alter the outlook include:

  • Failure to gain developer/user adoption could stunt meaningful token value accrual. The project still has lots to prove.
  • Regulatory uncertainties hanging over the crypto market could weaken investment appeal.
  • Further capitulation selling if Bitcoin breaks down to new lows would likely impact ICP as well.

Overall, ICP has compelling upside potential from current prices based on a combination of project strength and highly depressed token valuation. A rally back to the $15-20 range in 12-18 months seems reasonable if adoption and sentiment improve.


Internet Computer's ICP token has been one of the worst performing major crypto assets of 2022. However, its substantial 2.17% gain over the past 24 hours hints the brutal decline could be ending. While risks remain, there are several promising signs that suggest a trend reversal may be underway. ICP has strong fundamentals and remains massively undervalued relative to potential. The long-term price outlook calls for a rally back to $15-20 within the next 12-18 months if adoption and market conditions improve. Traders and investors should keep ICP on their watchlists as an intriguing contrarian opportunity.

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