Invictus NFT Lab Disrupts Fine Art with Out of Africa Collection

Invictus NFT Lab Disrupts Fine Art with Out of Africa Collection
Photo by CDC / Unsplash

Invictus Capital aims to introduce modern digital artists to the global market by creating an NFT (non-fungible token) collection via the Invictus NFT Lab, which will bring together the finest of fine art and blockchain technology.

One hundred NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain make up the Out of Africa Collection, and it is exciting as many of these artists have never worked with NFTs before. Starting in January, NFT posters will be sent to interested parties, and the initiative will conclude in a February auction for NFT replicas of the original, physical artworks. It is possible to get the original artwork given to the bearer of these NFTs.

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Invictus Capital C.E.O. Daniel Schwartzkopff adds, "This first collection is a first of its type for Southern African artists and worldwide investors." The Invictus NFT Lab is tangible proof of our dedication to disrupting established investing and financial services. We believe that an NFT Lab, such as this one, would go a long way to introducing NFTs into mainstream investment portfolios and appeal to conventional art collectors, contemporary NFT collectors, and anybody in between."

NFTs allow art collectors to avoid hefty intermediary charges that would otherwise make art investment unappetizing. This reason alone prevents investors from making huge commitments to artwork. Charl Bezuidenhout, C.E.O. of Worldart, believes that for artists, NFTs provide a genuinely global audience and a royalty-driven business model made feasible by blockchain.

Interested investors may sign up for the project's newsletter to get information on participating artists and artworks, as well as specific dates for each project phase. Marelize van Zyl, the curator of the Out of Africa NFT collection, states,

"This collection is a victory for these artists and reflects some of the greatest young, rising, and established talent."  

It is generally believed that this development will lead to many opportunities for a lot of artists and investors likewise.

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