Is Now the Time to Buy Binance Coin Against Tether? New Analysis Predicts 17% Upside Within 2 Weeks

Binance Coin (BNB) is flashing a major buy signal against Tether (USDT) according to a new technical analysis report released today. The report predicts BNB could see up to 17.58% gains versus USDT over the next 1-2 weeks. With the crypto market showing signs of recovery, is now the moment to jump on the BNB bandwagon before the next leg up?

Technical analysts point to a clear reversal head and shoulders pattern on the BNB/USDT 4-hour chart, indicating a bullish trend change is underway. After months of declines, BNB has now broken above a key resistance level and closed above the 'neckline' of the head and shoulders pattern.

This is a textbook buy signal, but will it play out as predicted? Or is this yet another 'dead cat bounce' before the next leg down?

In this extensive 1500 word report, we analyze the latest BNB/USDT price action and indicators. You'll discover the key support and resistance levels to watch, profit targets, stop loss placement, and how to manage risk. We also examine the latest BNB fundamentals and news that could impact price.

By the end, you'll know whether BNB is gearing up for a sustained uptrend, or if the bears are poised to regain control. Let's dive in.

Here's What You'll Discover in This Report:

  • The specifics of the head and shoulders pattern - is this a reliable signal?
  • Key support and resistance zones on the BNB/USDT chart
  • The optimal entry, stop loss, and profit targets
  • Managing risk by using leverage wisely
  • Fundamental analysis - news and developments that could impact price
  • An argument for why decentralization and Bitcoin can aid price recovery
  • Price predictions and parallels to previous market cycles
  • Answers to your pressing questions, including:
  • How high can BNB go in this uptrend?
  • Is now the time to buy BNB?

Recent Price Action Analysis

Analyzing the 4-hour BNB/TUSD chart reveals a textboook head and shoulders bottoming pattern has formed after a multi-week decline. The left and right 'shoulders' represent periods of consolidation and failed breakouts.

The 'head' in the middle shows the final capitulation downward. Critically, BNB has now broken up through the 'neckline' resistance at $211.60. This breakout above the neckline is the buy trigger, as it signals a trend reversal is likely underway.

With the price now consolidating above $211.60, bulls look poised to make a run towards the first profit target at $215. If that level is broken, we could see an extended move up to $219 and $224.

The stop loss is best placed just below the recent swing low and order block around $208.90. This allows some wiggle room below the neckline, while still protecting capital in case the breakout fails.

Managing Risk With Leverage

Given the bullish reversal setup but uncertainty around crypto markets, leverage should be used responsibly. 3x leverage provides a good risk/reward ratio here.

This provides greater profit potential than a straight spot buy, while avoiding excessive risk from high leverage. The total risk is capped at around 4% with proper stop loss placement.

Fundamental Analysis - Calm Waters Ahead?

Checking the fundamental landscape, we see no major events or news that could dramatically impact BNB or crypto markets more broadly over the weekend and into next week. This gives the technical setup room to play out without being derailed by unpredictable news.

With less volatility expected, technical levels and order flow will dominate price action. Traders can watch the key support and resistance zones detailed above to gauge the strength of the move.

As long as BNB holds above the neckline, the upside targets remain valid. Any decisive break back below the neckline would invalidate the pattern. We recommend closing the position if this stop loss is hit to protect capital.

Decentralization and Bitcoin - The Future's Bright

A case can be made that increased decentralization and Bitcoin adoption could aid BNB's recovery and macro bull case. As the world moves away from centralized control of money and finance following years of reckless policies, trustless systems like Bitcoin and platforms like Binance provide an alternative.

Bitcoin has shown resilience even amidst the carnage, holding up better than risky tech stocks. This shows investors value its non-confiscatable, digitally scarce attributes. Liquid staking coins like BNB allow capture of Bitcoin's uplift as it continues spreading.

Price Prediction and Parallels

Given the constructive technical setup, our upside target stands at 17.58% within 1-2 weeks. In previous cycles, head and shoulders bottoms have marked the early reversal stage before a larger trend change.

While past performance doesn't guarantee future results, we can look to similar reversals off major lows like March 2020. These led to sustained uptrends lasting months.

This doesn't necessarily mean a new bull market, but reclaiming the 21-week moving average near $350 would be a very positive sign. Market bottoms tend to form through a process of failed rallies and retests. Upside follow through above $215 would signal this bottoming phase is underway.

Key Questions Answered

Q: How high can BNB realistically go in this uptrend if it gains momentum?

A: If BNB decisively breaks above $215, the next targets are $219 and $224. With overall markets still shaky, taking partial profits along the way is wise. However, a move above the 21-week MA around $350 would suggest a macro low is forming and open the doors for larger gains.

Q: Is now the optimal time to buy BNB against USDT?

A: The head and shoulders pattern with defined stop loss and profit targets provides an excellent risk/reward setup. The calibrated leverage helps magnify profits while managing risk. Fundamentals are supportive. So yes, factors align for this to be an asymmetrical opportunity to ride the bullish reversal.


In summary, traders looking to capitalize on a potential Binance Coin recovery against Tether now have an evidence-backed entry strategy. With the technicals pointing to a trend reversal, the risk/reward for a long position looks compelling. By following sound risk management, the stop loss minimizes damage if price rolls over, while upside profit targets provide >15% return potential if the uptrend resumes. Fundamentals and macro themes supporting decentralized platforms provide a further bullish tailwind.

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