Is there a free bitcoin hack?

If you heard about someone getting rich from a free bitcoin hack, you might have heard a true story. Back in the early days of Bitcoin, there were faucets that would give away 5 free Bitcoin.

With Bitcoin trading over $15,000 at the moment, those faucets would have been giving away $75,000 every time. The days of big free Bitcoin faucets are gone.

While there are still free crypto faucets that give away a little bit of Bitcoin, they give much smaller amounts. If you have free time, and want some free crypto, faucets might be worth a look.

For people that want to have more Bitcoin, there are some good options. There are jobs that pay in crypto, and that could be a good way to enter the Bitcoin market. While it isn't really a hack, you will be able to earn Bitcoin in larger quantities.

There are also airdrops, which distribute new tokens to the public. Again, you won't get Bitcoin, but you may pick up some tokens that could appreciate faster than established tokens like Bitcoin.

Many exchanges help companies with airdrops before a token is listed for trade, so keep an eye out for these free token giveaways. is also a great place to look for people who want to barter with Bitcoin, and you might find a way to 'hack' your way into some new digital assets.

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