Is there free bitcoin mining without investment ?

Many people wonder if there is free bitcoin mining without investment.

The simple answer to this question is no. Bitcoin mining is processor intensive, and if you want to mine Bitcoin, it will be necessary to spend something on accessing or buying that processing power.

One option for a person that wants to mine Bitcoin without investing in an ASIC rig is by using a cloudmining service. In essence, cloudmining allows a person to mine Bitcoin by using a cloud server as the processor.

While cloudmining isn't investment-free, there is no investment in hardware or any other assoicated costs. There have been cloudmining scams as well, so it is very important to understand what is involved with cloudmining before making the contract with the cloudmining company.

In addition to being able to mine Bitcoin, a number of other tokens can be mined with cloudmining platforms. This is a big advantage, as the profitability of any given token can vary from day to day.

For anyone that wants to get into cloudmining, doing some research will be important. There are cloudmining platforms out there that offer 'free' cloudmining, which should raise some red flags.

Keep in mind that the 'cloud' is just a bunch of advanced computers in a data center, which isn't free to buy, run, and maintain. All of that costs money, and isn't going to be given away.

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