Jake Paul's bouts with Robinson, Askren to be sold as NFT for $10 million

Jake Paul's bouts with Robinson, Askren to be sold as NFT for $10 million

The NFT fad continues to roll with almost every industry seeking ways to leverage this billion-dollar market. With UFC Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou’s NFT sale reported to be quite larger than what he gained from the Title Fight, more boxers and brands in the industry are out to get their share of the proverbial “cake”, Triller the latest of them.

Bursting into the boxing scene a few months ago with an impressive platform, Triller according to various sources is set to sell off a 30 seconds clip from Jake Paul and Nate Robinson’s November 2020 fight for a whopping $10 million.

Justifying the price tag, the promotion company is of the opinion that this NFT is a 1-in-1 collectible, meaning that no other versions of this clip will be minted into NFTs, thus, giving the buyer exclusive ownership and probably better resale value.

Scheduled to drop on the Triller NFT marketplace, an Ethereum-based platform, the buyer will also receive in addition to clips from the KO (knock out) of Nate Robinson, a 1-of-1 collection of the last 30 seconds of Paul’s fight with Ben Askren.

Just like cryptocurrencies, NFTs are volatile, the price of digital artworks may soar or plunge in seconds.

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