Kanye West's Unreleased Track To Be Sold As NFTs

Kanye West's Unreleased Track To Be Sold As NFTs
Photo by Axel Antas-Bergkvist / Unsplash

The Outro track in the 2016 album recorded by the American rapper Kanye West is set to be sold out as a Non-fungible token courtesy of the album producer, Keyon Christ. The global Kanye's album titled the life of Pablo was released on the 14thof January 2016. This album featured popular musicians like Rihanna, Chance the Rapper, Kid Cudi, Sia, Kendrick Lamar, Post Malone, Dollar Sign, and Young thug.

Following the album's release, an unreleased outro track titled "Can U Be/Forever Mitus" was leaked online and made rounds on the internet. The album was one of the projects that teleported the rapper into the global limelight and kept him there.

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The NFT auction held by Keyon Christ, Kanye's producer in 2016, was tagged 2044: The Lost Kanye files. This token contains the unreleased outro track in its original form and best quality. At first, the outro track made it to the public through a secret listening party held by Kanye West. However, since that party, people have hardly found the track online and the ones found online were of very low quality.

According to Christ, the track's release would serve as an important step to unveiling what the future holds for music and music production in the decentralized era. He further stated that risks must be taken, and rules must be broken.

The track was tagged too futuristic by DJ Whooskid in 2016 and later dropped off the album when Southside took over as the project's executive producer. According to Whooskid, he and others encouraged Kanye to drop it off the album for more listener-friendly songs.

This non-fungible token is currently available for sales online. In addition, the winner of the NFT is promised access to unreleased leaks through a private portal with their leak token.

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