Kava Prop 41 meets quorum requirements

Kava Prop 41 meets quorum requirements

A proposal to upgrade the current Kava chain (Kava-6) to Kava-7 has passed its on-chain voting period.

Kava Prop 41 is the third attempt to upgrade the Kava mainnet. However, unlike previous unsuccessful attempts, the proposal has finally met the quorum requirements. Consequently, the Kava-7 upgrade is expected to go live at 15:00 UTC on April 8, 2021.

On this note, node operators and validators have been mandated to upgrade to Kava v0.14.1 since it is the intended release for the upcoming upgrade.

This proposal is intended to signal acceptance/rejection of the software that will contain the changes to be included in the kava-7 launch. This proposal replaces the previous upgrade proposal.

As a backstory, the proposal entered its voting period on March 31, 2021. The voting period lasted until 18:17 UTC on April 7, 2021.

According to the Kava team, if v0.14.1 is not released by April 5, 2021, the proposal would be considered invalid. Another proposal would be submitted to supersede it.

Apparently, Kava-7 is a duplicate of the Kava-5.1 upgrade, which is ironically also a re-release of the Kava-5 upgrade. The Kava-5 upgraded contained a bug that compelled the Kava Safety Committee to halt and roll back the network to Kava-6.

Validators objected to updating from Kava-6 to Kava-5.1 as it seemed to be a downgrade, and thus enough validators didn't vote on the Kava-5.1 upgrade proposal, which made the proposal invalid. This time, the team has proposed a Kava-7 upgrade that includes precisely the same changes as Kava-5.1.

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