The Kava team has revealed that it will integrate the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol of Cosmos blockchain in its next major software upgrade. The move would allow Kava to enjoy faster code execution and higher throughputs through Cosmos’s Stargate upgrade.

IBC was released by Cosmos blockchain today. The protocol is a key aspect of the network’s overall vision, which is to allow seamless interoperability between Cosmos and other blockchains. IBC enables the transfer of value and information across decentralized networks.

Kava is not just the first DeFi platform based on the Cosmos infrastructure. Upon integration, it will become the first project to utilize the composability of IBC in bringing DeFi to all Cosmos projects. Kava is reinforcing its position at the decentralized finance hub for Cosmos-based blockchains.

Commenting on the recent development CEO and founder of Kava Labs Brian Kerr explained:

Before the adoption of IBC can happen, we need to do a robust set of internal testing and review to ensure it interacts with the Kava blockchain as intended. Once this is performed, Kava is excited to release the integration of IBC with its next major upgrade.

Beyond IBC, Kava also revealed that it will roll out other upgrades in the coming months. There are plans to introduce an Autonomous Market Making (AMM) service later this year. However, an even close upgrade is the expected release of the HARD Protocol Version 2 by the end of February.