Know more about how bitcoin era works

People are talking about how bitcoin era works. Bitcoin was the first platform to use use blockchain, which allows a much higher level of decentralization than ever before. While bitcoin was and is focused on the storage and transfer of value, decentralization is a lot bigger in scope.

The basis of the bitcoin era was pretty simple. Bitcoin allows anyone with bitcoins or access to the platform to transfer value to anyone else on the planet, with no gatekeepers in the system. This might sound basic, but it is actually a revolutionary concept.

Before bitcoin, if a person wanted to transfer money internationally, it was a complex, slow and expensive process. Now, there a number of platforms that do this, and a whole lot more.

The rise of the bitcoin era has brought with it the idea of decentralization, and sectors like DeFi, blockchain accountability, and blockchain record keeping. To be sure, these ideas are new, and will take many years to develop fully.

The core of the bitcoin era is a movement away from centralized authority, which means more autonomy for anyone who embraces the new platforms that allow people to exist without the permission of a centralized control structure.

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