Know more about when bitcoin started

Where were you when bitcoin started? Back in 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto, or whoever that might be, published a whitepaper that was the beginning of Bitcoin. Like any new technology that didn't have a marketing department, Bitcoin was sort of a small deal for a while. In fact, they used to give away five BTC for pushing a button.

Not anymore.

Bitcoin is actually a really simple idea. The code that makes the system run is complex, but the basis of the platform is dead simple. All you have to do is get private keys in your wallet, and you are able to transfer Bitcoin to anyone in the world.

When Bitcoin was young, very few people cared about it. It took many years for Bitcoin to reach $1,000. Now, the question is how high it can go. Like many things, when an idea or technology is new, it often goes overlooked. It is interesting to wonder why more people didn't get free Bitcoin in the early days.

The real issue is that Bitcoin may still be in its early days. We know that decentralization is becoming a popular social theme. In a sense, Bitcoin may still be starting. More people are getting involved, and trusting the blockchain that makes Bitcoin a real currency that is global in scope.

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