Know what bitcoin did?

Do you want to know what bitcoin did? You can learn about what bitcoin does everyday by looking at sites that publish price information about the crypto markets.

Bitcoin trades 24/7, and many times it moves a lot over the weekend, or when a person may be asleep. Bitcoin is one of many tokens, and it is changing the way that people can do business, or just live their everyday lives.

Bitcoin offers people all over the world to connect directly. There is no need for a bank, and there is no practical way to shut down the Bitcoin blockchain. While Bitcoin is banned in many nations, it can still be accessed because the network isn't a part of the regular internet.

In this way, Bitcoin is connecting the world in a way that was never possible before. While it may take some time for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to be adopted at-scale, this movement is well underway. Bitcoin is doing a lot to change the way people think about money as well.

Money can be created to serve the public good, and it doesn't need to be issues by a central bank which has monopoly control over the monetary system. Keep an eye on Bitcoin, because there are probably some big changes coming.

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