LEO Price Climbs 0.9% to $3.69: Key Takeaways for Crypto Traders on September 13, 2023

UNUS SED LEO (LEO) saw its price increase 0.9% to $3.69 over the past hour. The cryptocurrency, which is tied to the iFinex exchange and its Bitfinex trading platform, now has a market capitalization of $3.43 billion.

After a relatively flat day of trading yesterday, LEO has shown some positive momentum today. The price per coin has climbed from an open of $3.66 up to the current level of $3.69.

Trading volume over the past 24 hours stands at $201,150, which is down slightly from the previous day. This indicates that while there is some renewed interest in LEO, buyers are not yet jumping in with full force.

Over the past day, LEO’s price is up a modest 0.78%. However, the coin has seen no movement on a 7-day basis, indicating a period of consolidation and rangebound trading.

Zooming out further, LEO has declined 8.18% over the past month as part of a broader pullback in the cryptocurrency markets. However, its performance is still up a solid 9.63% over the past 6 months, showcasing LEO's long-term uptrend.

So what could be behind this small uptick in LEO today? Here are some key factors for crypto traders to consider:

Renewed Interest in Exchange Tokens

Exchange-based cryptocurrencies like LEO have seen renewed interest recently as traders look to platforms with solid liquidity and active user bases. While the overall crypto market remains cautiously optimistic, exchange tokens are attracting buyer interest.

As the native token to the Bitfinex exchange, LEO benefits from a platform with deep liquidity pools and an active global user base. Bitfinex consistently ranks in the top 5 crypto exchanges by volume, making LEO intriguing to investors.

Technical Setup Conducive for Continued Gains

From a technical analysis perspective, LEO looks poised to see further gains after breaking out of its recent trading range. The coin recently held support around the $3.60 level and has crossed back above its short-term moving averages.

With the downtrend line from August now broken, LEO has room to run before facing its next resistance around the $3.80 level. The relative strength index (RSI) also shows LEO with momentum on its side in neutral territory around 52.

As long as Bitcoin remains stable and buyers continue stepping in, LEO could make a move back toward its August highs around $4.00. The technical setup looks promising for additional upside.

Bitfinex User Base Staying Resilient

Despite regulatory uncertainty and investigations in the past, Bitfinex still maintains a devoted user base and a popular exchange platform. The company’s efforts to innovate and add new products like derivatives and margin trading have also helped to sustain interest.

As long as Bitfinex retains its reputation as a top-tier crypto exchange, it bodes well for LEO gaining transactional value on the platform. LEO also provides holders with discounts on trading fees and lending interest, enticing further adoption.

LEO Price Could Reach $4 Again By Early 2024

Given the combination of renewed interest in the asset class, positive technical indicators, and Bitfinex’s enduring platform strength, LEO looks poised to make another run toward its all-time high over $4 in the months ahead.

Assuming the broader crypto market environment remains constructive with Bitcoin maintaining support, LEO could potentially reach the $4 level again by early 2024. While short-term pullbacks are always possible, the long-term trajectory for this top exchange token looks promising.

What Are the Best Times to Buy LEO Crypto?

With LEO rallying off its recent lows, crypto investors may be wondering when the optimal times are to buy the Bitfinex exchange token. By closely monitoring technical levels and exchange order flow, traders can strategically time entries for the best LEO price.

In general, periods of sideways consolidation present good opportunities to accumulate LEO at relative discount. Buying during controlled pullbacks toward key support levels can provide advantageous entries compared to FOMO buying during volatile rallies.

Paying close attention to exchange inflows and outflows of LEO is also constructive. Spikes in exchange inflows typically signal increased holder interest, raising the probability of upside price moves to come.

Is LEO a Good Long-Term Investment for Cryptocurrency Investors?

For crypto investors focused on the long-term growth potential of digital assets, LEO presents an intriguing investment case. The token offers exposure to a top globally-utilized crypto exchange in Bitfinex and provides platform privileges for holders over time.

Due to its entrenched position among the most liquid exchanges, LEO has long-term staying power as a fundamental investment. However, as primarily a utility asset, LEO may lag behind other crypto assets during bull markets and is best paired with a basket of cryptocurrencies.

While not without risks due to its regulatory history and scrutiny, over a multi-year horizon LEO has clear investment value related to the ongoing success of Bitfinex. For investors who believe strongly in the future of centralized exchanges, LEO deserves consideration as part of a diversified crypto portfolio.


LEO continues to trade within relatively contained ranges, but its push back above short-term moving averages shows the potential for further upside. Traders should watch technical levels closely, monitor exchange inflows, and be selective on entry opportunities.

The long-term investment case for the Bitfinex exchange token remains strong. However, prudent risk management is still essential given the inherent volatility of the cryptocurrency market. By combining technical and fundamental analysis, LEO traders can aim to outperform the broader crypto market in the months and years ahead.

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