Level01 aims to win big in Bitcoin options trading

Cryptocurrency derivatives trading is a more approachable and affordable option compared to spot trading. Both neophyte and experienced traders can make good money by exploring this option. Level01 offers an AI-driven system to help everyone maximize potential profits.

crypto-derivatives-landscape">The Crypto Derivatives Landscape

Trading cryptocurrencies has evolved from physically owning the assets to exploring alternative investment options. Buying a full Bitcoin or Ether is growing more expensive, making it more difficult for newcomers to set up a viable portfolio. Instead, traders often explore alternative markets, such as derivatives, to continue profiting from these cryptocurrencies.

Many reasons exist as to why options trading takes center stage for Bitcoin and Ethereum. it is widely accessible, requires far less funds, and involves less management and hassle. In fact, with Level01, it is possible to start trading Bitcoin with just $4 in LVX tokens or USDT in one’s account (based on token price at the time of writing). Compared to buying 0.1 Bitcoin which may cost you around $4400 at current price. This low entry investment makes the market more appealing to anyone averse to risks often associated with trading cryptocurrencies. Level01 boasts the lowest commission for options trading when you use their LVX token.

You can Swap Tokens Instantly on Level01

One of the most convenient features of Level01 is it offers you the ability to swap your USDT to LVX or vice versa instantly. This unique function is powered by Uniswap, a demonstration of the many innovative features brought by Level01. Users no longer need to go to an exchange to buy USDT or LVX to start trading.
According to Level01’s CMO Charles Wong, they will offer more tokens for instant swap soon.

Innovatives Features from Level01 to help you Win the Market

At its core, Level01 has a clear vision for the derivatives market. The team wants to decentralize the huge derivatives market and democratize wealth creation, following their corporate motto, The Ultimate Fair DeFi Platform. More specifically, it will employ smart contracts, blockchain technology, and artificial intelligence to make this vision come true.

Using artificial intelligence is something that hasn't been done in the crypto derivatives world yet. For Level01, it will power the FairSense algorithm capable of assessing and providing risk and reward predictions. Knowing whether one’s trade has a high chance of being successful ahead of making commitments is certainly beneficial to all users of the app.

Leveraging real-time and dynamic price values for all participants will ensure traders are treated fairly and evenly. The real-time data is provided through a partnership with Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters. Using those data feeds for its deep learning algorithms will allow FairSense AI to provide accurate predictions and fair pricing by the second for traders to find the best contracts to match.

There are many benefits to combining artificial intelligence with blockchain-based options trading. The biggest advantage is how retail investors can now trade derivatives on the same playing field as their professional counterparts. Moreover, this approach enables traders to potentially earn bigger profits, thanks to the analytical nature of FairSense AI. All of this functionality is accessible from one’s mobile device.

Empowering Users Through Decentralization (DeFi)

One often-heard complaint is how options trading can result in being auto-liquidated by the platform. Although this is often done as a security measure to prevent suffering from further losses, it is not an ideal solution either. Not everyone wants to get auto-liquidated, as many traders prefer to make their own decisions.

Level01 ensures that decentralization takes center stage at all times. Due to this approach, the platform has no auto-liquidation feature, for example. It is a unique model in the industry, designed to empower and protect the end user/trader.

Due to its unique business model, Level01 makes it possible to trade Bitcoin or Ethereum for just $4. Anyone can get involved with Bitcoin options trading and reap the rewards from the market’s native volatility. Thanks to the FairSense AI solution, traders will be able to determine their chance of success by following the market trend or going against the grain.

Level01 is completely non-custodial, as the team cannot touch user funds in any way. This further empowers the end users, which is what all derivatives platforms should be doing today. Building a truly trustless platform will usher in a new era for the derivatives market - particularly Crypto, Forex and Commodity in this case. The outcome of all contracts is settled on the Ethereum blockchain for public viewing with complete transparency.

The Mobile-First Approach

In this modern day and age, people rely on their smartphones and tablets more than ever before. The Level01 team acknowledges that, as all of its functionality can be accessed through a mobile application available on Google Play Store. Through this app, users can begin their options trading journey across the Cryptocurrency, Commodity and Forex markets.

Firstly, they can trade across different marketplaces without having to leave the Level01 platform. Providing such cross-platform liquidity is crucial, as it will attract more users. It is also a growing trend in the industry, as users don't want to swap between different applications and platforms to complete trades.

Secondly, there is the integrated non-custodial blockchain wallet. All transactions on the platform are completed through the personal wallets of users to ensure they are in full control of their funds at all times. No more worrying about hacking, exit scam, slow withdrawal and those risks associated with centralized exchange.

Last but not least, all of these can be accessed through a user-friendly interface. There are no unnecessary bells and whistles, users can start trading with just a few taps. And if you need help, the app has an online chat button with a quickstart guide.

LVX token - Profit from Forex, Crypto and Commodity markets

Similar to other crypto-oriented trading platforms, Level01 is introducing its own token. Known as LVX, it is a token issued on the Ethereum blockchain. For $4 in LVX tokens, one can begin experimenting with options trading either in Crypto, Forex or Commodity.

Community-wise, options to explore include hosting trading groups and making a profit from doing so, as well as participating in trading tournaments. Outside of the platform, it is possible to trade LVX on DigiFinex and P2PB2B against Tether’s USDT. Plans are being made to list LVX on Uniswap and a big exchange in India soon.

Level01’s native token was named as one of the 10 tokens to watch in 2020 by HackerNoon, a sentiment that still remains valid in 2021.


Level01 certainly wins big on innovations using Blockchain, AI and Big Data, perfectly apt to call itself the World 1st DeFi Platform with AI-guided Derivatives Trading.

Approaching options trading from a completely different angle will empower it’s traders and increase the global interest in markets such as Crypto, Forex and Commodity.

Allowing users to retain full control over their trades by using their own wallets is a big step forward for the industry as a whole. Blockchain technology is designed to be non-custodial and puts the user in full control. Level01 embraces that vision to the fullest and provides users with a trading platform that is safe and secure.

Level01 is intent on removing traditional barriers to entering complex financial markets such as derivatives or options trading. Download their mobile application today and experiment with the Demo feature to get a hands-on feel for the platform’s options trading potential.

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