Level01 debuts first DeFi platform for AI-enhanced derivatives trading

Level01 just launched its decentralized derivatives trading app that uses AI to help traders better understand the market. The company claims that it is the first app of its kind in the world. Unlike many exchanges, Level01 doesn't act as a custodian for client funds, which are stored in a smart contract until the trade is settled. The app covers the crypto marketplace, as well as many other markets like forex and commodities. Jonathan Loi, Level01's founder, commented, "We believe that we are ahead in the industry for AI-driven derivatives trading; encompassing everything a reliable trading platform requires: fair pricing, risk assessment, quick matching, instant settlement, no security risks and total reliability through Digital Ledger Technologies and AI.”

The market for derivatives trading is massive. While Level01 will have to work to attract institutional investors, the fact that it is using smart contracts to ensure custody of funds will likely help it with investors that don't want to take on an exchange as a counterparty. The native token of Level01's exchange LVX, has fallen substantially over the past few months. After reaching nearly $0.40 in mid-June of this year, is has fallen to around $0.10 at the time of writing. Given that the company has a viable product with innovative features, the token's price may recover somewhat in the coming months.

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