LG Copies Samsung, to Launch Own NFT-Enabled Smart TV

LG Copies Samsung, to Launch Own NFT-Enabled Smart TV
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The announcement, which came a day after Samsung publicized their intentions, stated that LG Electronics intends to launch their NFT TVs. In a statement released by the Head of the Home Entertainment Business Division of LG, Park Hyung-se, the company intends to include the NFT features on their TV line. He also noted that the recent LG TVs produced by them had been optimized with such capacity. This move is very much similar to that of Samsung, which had earlier announced that its latest smart TVs would come with an NFT marketplace, thereby allowing users to buy, sell and view their NFTs from the very comfort of their TVs.

Given the commanding positions both firms enjoy as the leading firms within the electronics industry, this move has been hailed as a significant one with lots of prospects. According to data culled from Statista, both companies are the largest TV producers globally. As such, this latest inclusion of NFTs features in smart TVs could revolutionize the global TV market. Therefore, it is projected that other leading companies will join the trend in the coming days, all of which is good for the digital asset market industry in general.

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The introduction of NFT features within smart TVs is a testament to how far the NFT space has grown ever since its inception, merely a few years ago. Within the past year, the NFT ecosystem has grown to become a multi-billion-dollar industry with more prospects for growth. It is also expected that many projects will benefit from this latest development. Projects such as the Bored Ape and CryptoPunk, are presently the leading projects within the NFT space. In addition, play-to-earn platforms such as Decentraland, Axie Infinity, and Sandbox have all been billed to profit from this recent development. However, it is expected that more upcoming projects will benefit from this recent development.

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